Underprotection - Ethical Sustainable Underwear Review

Since deciding to shop slow fashion I have a confession... this has not extended to my underwear. I have been trying to just use what I have and haven't bought as much as I used to, but still. The main reason for this is purely expense! Ethical underwear companies are so damn expensive (not to mention often quite plain and boring).

I finally took the plunge however when I found out Underprotection were having a sale! They are probably my favourite brand of sustainable underwear, because of the attention to style and design; they create feminine pieces that make you feel special to wear them. In my opinion, this is what pretty underwear is for... it's not about impressing a man!

I had a scroll and I decided to purchase the Roberta bra and knickers in nude, the Heather bra in black and the Vanessa bikini. These were on sale, however, altogether still cost around £120.00 plus about £12.00 delivery from Denmark which I thought was quite expensive.

When everything came I was so looking forward to unwrapping my package. I was so excited! Everything I bought was so stunning I couldn't wait to get it out and wear it.

I loved every piece that I bought from Underprotection, mainly for the aesthetic. They are all stunning and you can tell the designs and collections have been well thought out. The bikini is a particular favourite and if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen this making an appearance! I like the other two bras but feel like they can only be worn with certain outfits and sit a bit lumpy under t-shirts. I have also had a slight issue with the stitching quality on the heather bra as it has started to come apart after two wears which I wouldn't expect. I love the print on the Roberta bran and knickers I think it is stunning and would have bought the PJs and dressing gown if I could!

On the website Underprotection say

'We only use sustainable materials such as recycled polyester, recycled wool, lyocell and organic cotton. All our packaging, paper and polybags are either recycled or biodegradable. Most of our products are vegan approved, and if not, it is because it is recycled (wool) or a waste resource (milk). Fair working conditions and a fair wage is a human right. Therefore, we only work with certified factories.
We love women, all kinds, all sizes, and our goal is to make you feel as beautiful and comfortable as possible.'
Overall I would shop from Underprotection again and I think they make such stunning underwear regardless of if you are into slow fashion I would definitely check them out!

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