North Wales - What I did, saw and ate on my trip!

I recently spent a lovely weekend in North Wales and I thought I would share what I saw/did/ate with you all! It is one of my favourite places to go on holiday and one of my favourite places to be in the world.

We stayed in a small air bnb near Llanberis lake (unfortunately I don’t have a photo). It cost £35.00 a night which between two people is very reasonable! I wanted to stop in this area of North Wales as it is close to Snowdon while also not being too far from the beach and other attractions.
On the first night, we arrived late to our little stone cottage so we didn’t really see the area. The next morning we got up early and went climbing Snowdon and we got to see more of the area we had travelled the night before on the way back; oh my god it was beautiful with the sun out!
Steep scree slopes and slate quarries glistened in the sun with the odd sheep basking in the rare warmth. We got to Snowdon and it was so busy we had to park at the hotel at the bottom of the next valley. This added a good mile uphill onto our journey and coming back down I definitely felt it! We went up to the miners' track (classic!) and down the pyg track which are the only routs I’ve ever walked up Snowdon.
The day was cold but sunny and there were still splashes of snow across the hilltops.

On our second day, we drove over the stunning Menai Bridge and went to Beaumaris Castle. One of the last Castles to be built by Edward the 1st it was still very imposing! While we were there we went to a lovely local butcher selling local Welsh produce and had a coffee and cake in Jolly's cafe!

I would defo recommend this cafe if you are dairy or gluten-free as they had some very good choices!

We then went for some food at Dylans, as I love seafood and I wanted to try as much local food as I could. One of my favourite things about Wales is all the local and fresh produce, the small businesses who make delicious food! 

I had local lobster and Menai Bridge oysters while I could see Menai Bridge.. that is locally caught fish!

We then went on to Llanddwyn Beach to look at the lighthouse and Santes Dwynwen old monastery ... very brisk with some lovely views of the mountains of Snowdonia. You have to park at the nature reserve which charges £4.00 for the day but it is defo worth it!

Read more here. 

On our last day in North Wales, we visited bounce below which is basically trampolining in a cave... if you get a chance go it is amazing though be warned it is high! It took me a while to get used to the highest and the nets but when I did it was so much fun.

On the way back we also visited the Rhug Estate Organic Farm shop which I am obsessed with! very ethical it is an organic farm shop with quite a few twists... like a drive through amazing food and a field of bison!

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Jenna H. said...

Great post - this looks like an amazing trip! I could really use a weekend away right now (finals season at college yuck!)... Hopefully I can get away after graduation. Thanks for sharing - your pictures are so pretty!
-Jenna ♥
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Ethical Bunny said...

Thank you yes it was and so cheap! I would love to go back all I can think about is holidays this year ha ha!