10 Ways to limit the impact of travelling on the environment

Vegans, environmentalists and activists. We all often skip over one issue, the effect of travelling on the environment and the places we visit. Travelling the world is a luxury that not everyone can afford, and involves a huge expense not only to ourselves but the environment also. Flights, resorts that have destroyed local ecosystems and cultures and an endless stream of takeaway coffee cups and Primark bikinis.
The issues surrounding the environmental impact of travelling the world bothers me personally quite a lot.  
So how do we minimise our impact? After my holidays this year, I started to wonder, as I incorporate my values into other everyday activities, how could I do that when I go abroad? Here is my list of the 10 ways I try and minimise my impact on the environment and ecosystems when I travel:

1. Choose travelling boat or train over the plane. Flying requires a lot of fuel and energy, travelling by boat or plane is a lot more energy efficient and sometimes you can stop at different destinations on the way.

2. Choose short haul flights over long haul.

3. Fly with only hand luggage, the more weight the plane carries the more fuel is needed to keep it in the air.

4. Swap resorts for Air BnB villas, this keeps money in the local economy and you often get a more unique experience.

5.Stay in eco hotels and visit the countries ecotourism locations. This promotes a more sustainable tourism for this country.

6. Bring plastic bags and your own coffee cups, and be mindful of your waste on holiday.

7. Choose a cycling holiday or a walking holiday in your home country.

8. Avoid over-consumption of things you don't need for holiday, you don't need new holiday clothes for each holiday just have good quality staples.
9. Be mindful of local issues such as the trade in animals, many people go on holiday and get pictures with sedated tigers and monkeys and elephants in chains. By paying for these you are supporting the capture and abuse of these animals, do your research on animal sanctuaries and stay away from photos with sedated animals.

10. Avoid eating endangered animals abroad e.g. shark or low-quality meat and dairy. I don't think I have to say why.
These are just some of the ways I have been limiting my impact while travelling; using Air BnB has been a very different but rewarding experiance and I would recommend it to everyone for a more personal holiday experience. 


Demilade said...

These are all helpful tips, love the one about using an Air BnB and also avoiding overconsumption. Some might be harder to incorporate, like travelling with only hand luggage for example. Great post, I'll keep these in mind when next I travel anywhere :)
Coco Bella Blog

Lizzy said...

Important post!! I think we should limit travelling by plane as much as possible. I understand it's convenient over most other forms of travel, but it is so devastating to the environment. I can't see myself ever going on a plane unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.

Ethical Bunny said...

Thank you :) Yes it is a struggle I usually have to decide on a capsule wardrobe to take with me but that cant be done for all trips :( Thank you so much I would defiantly recommend Air BnB I've had really good experiences with it and I think it's really good for hiring a villa. Thank you for your lovely comment xx

Ethical Bunny said...

I know! There are so many other ways of travelling and going on holiday too :o I think it can depend on what country you live in though as if you are on a small island I suppose you are quite stuck without it but sometimes there is no excuse. In the UK I think its so silly when people fly from airport to airport when you could so easily get the train! Thank you for your comment :)