Love Lula Organic and Cruelty Free Beauty Box Review

We all know how I feel about Love Lula. Although I have been branching out lately I would never betray old faithful! Always packed with high-quality Organic Cruelty-free products, it is the best place to start if you are looking to go Cruelty-free!

The total value of the box £70.00 but you get it all for just £12.00 which is quite reasonable in the beauty box world.

This is a SARYA eyeshadow in mocha, made with apricot and avocado oil. Free from parabens I love the consistency, it feels very soft not grainy at all and I can't wait to try it out.

I've seen loads of other bloggers go on about Hurraw! I have tried this out over the last few days and I know why. It is very silky soft and super moisturising. I have been really happy with this so far though it is small so you don't get much product.

I feel like every Love lula box has something from MADARA in it! Not complaining over the years this brand has really grown on me. They are usually quite expensive, made in Europe they use really high-quality ingredients. 

Such a fan of Inika so I was very happy to get this! CF and organic I defo have some new bits to add to my makeup collection!

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Jenna H. said...

Great post - I have never heard of this box but it looks awesome! I started a journey towards zero waste in May, so I am always on the lookout for some products like these! Thanks for sharing!
-Jenna ♥
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Ethical Bunny said...

Thank you! Yes it is a lovely box, always filled with goodies :) it is one of the cheapest to which is good if like me yo are ona budget!

Thank you