My favourite high protein plant-based treats

A treat is a better treat when it's a protein-packed treat! Then you don't have to feel bad about the sugar because the gains from the protien cancel it out... just thought I would share some of the yummy things I have been eating recently, as puddings or a sweet snack when I have a craving!
1. Protein yoghurt with dried fruit and organic agave; I have been loving this at the moment though I usually try and stay away from soy products in general but sometimes I really miss having a yoghurt. This has about 16g of protein in and more carbs than I want to count but if you add a few different fruits or dried fruits you can get quite a lot of nutrients in. I like to keep it simple with raisins and a little bit of agave because although all these smoothy bowls etc look nice with all the exotic fruit I can't stop thinking about the cost and the food miles every time I see one!
2. Natural nutrients protein popcorn! This is quite a low protein snack with 4g per 30g bag but I still love it. The popcorn is coated in coconut oil and protein powder... sounds a bit strange but it is actually nice and a higher fibre alternative to crisps.
3. Lastly, this is something I decided to try and have since loved but it is a very slow snack, so I recommend making it in advance. My choccy banana protein ice cream is a bit of an acquired taste but I really love it... I wouldn't be able to tell you how much protein is in it as I cook things to taste and would recommend you do the same.
To start to blend four ripe bananas and one date in a blender with a cup of almond or rice milk. When his turns smooth add it to a container and freeze; I then get a chocolate vegan protein powder, almond milk dates and blend that together. When the first layer is frozen I then pour the second chocolate layer over the top and drop in some fairtrade chocolate chips (or cacao nibs if you are fancy) and freeze. You don't have to do it this way but I like the swirl you get when you have a scoop and the contrast in flavours... yum!

My six ethical gym clothing brands! (Yes they do exist)

I feel like there is a massive gap in the market for ethical gym clothes, especially ones aimed at people that actually go to the gym. This is such a pity as there is so much scope to improve the current activewear supply chain and fabric choices.

Generally, I have found ethical gym clothing to either be frumpy, overpriced or lacking good quality design. However, I have compiled a small list of the companies that I have found to be leading the way in this area; producing wearable gym clothing that hasn't been sewed in a sweatshop with low-cost plastic fabrics. They also have more modern designs, suitable for the average fashion conscious gym goer!
1.Pepper and Mayne

Originally created for ballerinas, the baby soft pieces were built for high-intensity training. Made from luxury materials such as cashmere, cotton and silk they are kind to the skin and the environment(depending on your ethics).  

Pepper and Mayne are designed in London and have a fully traceable supply chain with a focus on sustainability and ethical trading. 

I purchased a few items from them over Christmas and posted the outfits on my Instagram. I was really happy with the quality and style of both of the tops, especially the sports bra which reminds me of the Gymshark Seamless collection. The colours are beautiful and the design is really flattering with a tight high-waisted waistband that sucks you in. 

The only negative is the fabric is soft and nice to exercise in but it is very see-through; these can't be used for leg day!

2.Bamboo Clothing

This brad is designed for all kinds of athletic or at leisure activity, aiming to prove that you can have amazing and affordable products made ethically and still make a profit. they aim to break away from the corporate route of ‘get away with what you can, maximise profit and pretend to be whiter than white’.

They treat customers fairly, believe in fair trade, ethically made products, and 
are very transparent. Using Bamboo and organic cotton they aim to minimise the impact they have on the environment.

I have some three quarter leggings pictures above from Bamboo clothing, which I have enjoyed wearing on cardio days and in the winter. The fabric is a thick sturdy compression pant the definitely sucks you in. I think these are really good if you run outside or near something a little less fashionable and a bit more sturdy.


Manduka creates beautiful yoga mats and gym wear that uses more natural and renewable materials. Mainly aimed at yoga rather than gym goers there are still some lovely designs and fabrics that can be worn at the gym.

I haven't bought anything yet to review but I have heard some wonderful things about their products.

4. Sundried

Sundried as a brand is very committed to charity work and support lots of charities from all over the world like Water for Kids. Founded and developed by personal trainers and athletes this really comes through in their products that are very sporty and much more aimed at seasoned gym goers.

All their products are made from 100% recycled materials and I can't wait to try them. They are on the pricier side so maybe just a top or bra though...

Starseed describe themselves as 'a slow fashion brand at the forfront of the ethical clothing movement', and I have to say some of their designs have shown a lot of promise of what is to come from this brand! Most of their products are made from recycled coffee grounds and other natural ingredients.
They have a strong commitment to living organically and are based and designed in the UK. I couldn't find out where they are made so I will have to let you all know on that.

The macchiato leggings are definitely my next purchase! (think an ethical Gmshark flex!)
6. Milolchi
Last but not least, Milolchi a small company that design gym and yoga wear in house with four limited edition prints.  These are created in a small factory and delivered wrapped in paper in a recycled bag.  Their new ranges include organic cotton Miloflex and Tencel.
I have a  sports bra from Milochi and I would definatly say it is yoga wear. The fabric is very soft and stretchy but not much support.. can be seen here...I would definitely like to try something else from them and am excited to see their new range. 
I hope you enjoy my list I have chosen brands that are for the most part also based in the UK to support our local economies and homegrown designers!

The best cruelty-free shampoo for a sore itchy flaky scalp

Not the most glamorous of posts, but I really feel like this will be useful for some of you. I personally suffer from really bad dandruff and scalp complaints when I get stressed. As soon as my stress levels go up I get the sorest itchy flaky scalp that just feels like it's on fire! Although I try to now always use my naked Lush shampoo bars to save on packaging and I'm not saying I won't use them again as I love them, but when my scalp flares up they just don't do the job.

As I'm sure you will know if you ever have this problem you need a really potent shampoo to do the job and clean your clap while soothing it at the same time. This can be very tricky to find anything remotely natural or cruelty-free that is harsh enough to give you good results.

This is the problem I have had for a while and its been driving me crazy! However, last week in Superdrug I found an own brand TRICHOLOGY shampoo and conditioner with lime and ginseng which seems to be working really well for me. Its quite fresh and cleans the hair really well without being really strong and chemically. It also doesn't dry hair out as much as other scalp treatments, however, the conditioner isn't very rich so I wouldn't use this for long periods of time if you have dry hair. 

I'm thinking of trying some natural scalp rinses on my hair and will let you all know how this goes but I haven't found one yet that I like the sound of! Let me know if you have any good treatments for a sore scalp that might be a bit more long as they don't have vinegar in them!

12 Tips for buying and selling on Depop

Depop has become one of my favourite places to buy second-hand clothing! Friendly to the environment and every style and budget whats not to love? I recently have been doing a bit of buying and selling and thought I would share my tips and tricks for the Depop virgin on how to purchase and sell well!
1.Always see if the seller will do bundles or negotiate on price before buying!

2. Look at seller reviews and read what people have said! If there have been problems in the past that could be a warning sign.

3. Try and avoid buying expensive items that are high risk.

4. Many items that appear to be designer may not be, ask to see labels and details that could give an indication of authenticity.

5. Still, think, do I really need this? Don't just buy something because a seller is having a sale!

7. Beware of sellers selling things first hand.. this is not sustainable fashion and a lot of it is from wholesalers who will mark things up.

8.Take good photographs showing the detail and labels.

9. Communicate with the buyer if there are any problems to keep them in the loop.

10. Write an accurate description!

11. Put lots of tags on your items, this will help when people are searching for what they want to buy.

12. Be patent! Selling on depop can take a while sometimes!
I hope you all loved my Depop tips, I have a Depop haul coming soon! If anyone wants to check out what I am selling this is the link to my depop :)