12 Tips for buying and selling on Depop

Depop has become one of my favourite places to buy second-hand clothing! Friendly to the environment and every style and budget whats not to love? I recently have been doing a bit of buying and selling and thought I would share my tips and tricks for the Depop virgin on how to purchase and sell well!
1.Always see if the seller will do bundles or negotiate on price before buying!

2. Look at seller reviews and read what people have said! If there have been problems in the past that could be a warning sign.

3. Try and avoid buying expensive items that are high risk.

4. Many items that appear to be designer may not be, ask to see labels and details that could give an indication of authenticity.

5. Still, think, do I really need this? Don't just buy something because a seller is having a sale!

7. Beware of sellers selling things first hand.. this is not sustainable fashion and a lot of it is from wholesalers who will mark things up.

8.Take good photographs showing the detail and labels.

9. Communicate with the buyer if there are any problems to keep them in the loop.

10. Write an accurate description!

11. Put lots of tags on your items, this will help when people are searching for what they want to buy.

12. Be patent! Selling on depop can take a while sometimes!
I hope you all loved my Depop tips, I have a Depop haul coming soon! If anyone wants to check out what I am selling this is the link to my depop :)

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