My favourite high protein plant-based treats

A treat is a better treat when it's a protein-packed treat! Then you don't have to feel bad about the sugar because the gains from the protien cancel it out... just thought I would share some of the yummy things I have been eating recently, as puddings or a sweet snack when I have a craving!
1. Protein yoghurt with dried fruit and organic agave; I have been loving this at the moment though I usually try and stay away from soy products in general but sometimes I really miss having a yoghurt. This has about 16g of protein in and more carbs than I want to count but if you add a few different fruits or dried fruits you can get quite a lot of nutrients in. I like to keep it simple with raisins and a little bit of agave because although all these smoothy bowls etc look nice with all the exotic fruit I can't stop thinking about the cost and the food miles every time I see one!
2. Natural nutrients protein popcorn! This is quite a low protein snack with 4g per 30g bag but I still love it. The popcorn is coated in coconut oil and protein powder... sounds a bit strange but it is actually nice and a higher fibre alternative to crisps.
3. Lastly, this is something I decided to try and have since loved but it is a very slow snack, so I recommend making it in advance. My choccy banana protein ice cream is a bit of an acquired taste but I really love it... I wouldn't be able to tell you how much protein is in it as I cook things to taste and would recommend you do the same.
To start to blend four ripe bananas and one date in a blender with a cup of almond or rice milk. When his turns smooth add it to a container and freeze; I then get a chocolate vegan protein powder, almond milk dates and blend that together. When the first layer is frozen I then pour the second chocolate layer over the top and drop in some fairtrade chocolate chips (or cacao nibs if you are fancy) and freeze. You don't have to do it this way but I like the swirl you get when you have a scoop and the contrast in flavours... yum!

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