Marlenha lux Italian moisturiser review

Marlenha is an Italian skincare brand that I have recently fallen in love with. All the products are inspired by flowers and feel very luxurious. I'm not usually the kind of person that would spend a lot on skincare, but after trying a sample of the flourish moisturiser I decided to make an exception.

Getting older is not something I expected to even start thinking about, but since getting into my mid 20's I've noticed my skin and hair drying out. Investing in a good moisturiser like this one and making sure I eat well and have lots of vitamins is beginning to become part of life.

I wanted something very natural, but also something rich, creamy and cruelty-free. The flourish moisturiser ticked all these boxes for me being high-performance and gentle on the skin at the same time.

It came in a thick smooth glass container inside a beautiful white box, the only way this could have been better is if it was made from recycled materials as the packaging is so perfect. The face cream is thick and smooth not at all tacky or greasy, so far I have only been using the smallest amount each time but it goes a long way.

I have been using it as a night cream as it's so rich and I love having a silky smooth face in the morning. My skincare routine mainly consists of a face wipe and possibly some toner twice a day so this has been a welcome addition. I have been so impressed with this and will defiantly repurchase.

Products are free from:
  • Parabens, paraffins and petroleum
  • Allergens
  • Formaldehydes
  • Synthetic colours
  • Artificial antioxidants
  • Ingredients of animal origin
  • Silicone
  • Not tested on animals.

My new favourite place to eat gluten and dairy free

Every time I go to Shrewsbury I have to visit Ginger and Co. It's a small café in the square, and from the first time, I visited I fell in love with the place. Rich cakes, vegan salads and lentil curry can regularly be found here; they defiantly cater for everyone while sourcing many ingredients locally and making many of their own cakes!

I just wanted to share some of their delicious food and say how much I have been enjoying going there. Personally as a dairy and gluten free food snob, finding a good eatery is difficult but this quirky little eatery ticks all my boxes!
Some delicious cakes! There are classics like brownies and Victoria sponge and more exotic cakes like the Jaffa cake (amazing) and energy balls.
For a lighter pudding, they have chia seed pudding with cherry compote and coconut....Healthy and tasty!
Dairy and gluten free Thai salad with crushed nuts and sesame seeds. It's vegan unless you add a cheeky topping of bacon like me, or there is an option of cheese for the veggies! Ate this in the best seat in the house in the window to maximise opportunity's for people watching.
For those mornings when you need food they do amazing organic locally sourced gluten free bacon sandwiches. These always come with a really nice side salad with crushed walnuts on lightly toasted bread. Sometimes you just need a bacon sandwich!

I love eating here whether I'm feeling healthy or wanting a treat, I think it is important that over the last few years more and more places are serving vegan options/organic produce/local ingredients. This reflects a change in the market, and the quality of food and ingredients that are now expected had defiantly risen over the past 10 years. Supporting places that do these things and asking questions when you go out to eat does make a difference and encourages places like Ginger and Co to keep doing an amazing job!

What are your favourite places to eat, and what do you like about them?

The shoe edit - 21 Stylish ethical shoes for every occasion

Beyond Skin

I have made a list of stylish, sustainable shoe brands!

One of the biggest barriers that I hear when discussing ethical fashion, is the confusion over where to shop. As most high street shops are large fast fashion chains, it can feel very daunting and confusing when trying to change shopping habits. There is always the option of vintage shopping or looking in charity shops, but what about when it is something smart or for a specific occasion? Typing ethical fashion brands into Google just makes finding a wardrobe update seem like a long arduous search, rather than the one stop quick fix shopping we are used to.

Wills Vegan Shoes

I compiled a list of ethical shoe companies to try and help anyone who is trying to explore ethical fashion and build a more sustainable, conscious wardrobe. These are all brands who either use recycled material, a sustainable well paid labour source, ethical materials or are very focused on philanthropy.


I hope you all enjoy and find this useful! If you know of any other ethical shoe brands or places to shop more ethically please comment below!



3.By far shoes



6.Wills Vegan Shoes


8.By Blanch



11.Beyond Skin

12.Beed and Reel




16.Sole Rebels



19.The peoples movement

20.Matt & Natt


May favourites a review of what I have been loving this month

1. Sweatshirt from Ethics: I wanted to find a comfy sweat-shirt to keep me warm, but I wanted an organic cotton one which was ethically made. I saw this on Rhians HY Youtube haul and I loved it! Stylish and defiantly worth the money, so far I have worn it on PJ days and to work with a shirt underneath to style it up.

2. Prada weekend bag: I love thrifting and this is why.

3. Lush R&B hair cream: This is so good for curly and dry hair, the mixture of oils is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their hair in good condition. I love putting this on my hair after a shower and letting it soak in as my hair dries.

4. Cute protein and shaker: Since I got this at BodyPower I have loved it! Such a good protein with a really good creamy consistency. I chose this as a favourite because I have been so impressed with it and it was such a good deal at BodyPower.

5. GOSH Lip liner: I bought this as I wanted a red lip liner and one which was fairly cheap. I have been really impressed with GOSH lip liners, and they are so cheap they are defiantly worth the investment.

What products have you been loving recently? What are your May favourites?