May favourites a review of what I have been loving this month

1. Sweatshirt from Ethics: I wanted to find a comfy sweat-shirt to keep me warm, but I wanted an organic cotton one which was ethically made. I saw this on Rhians HY Youtube haul and I loved it! Stylish and defiantly worth the money, so far I have worn it on PJ days and to work with a shirt underneath to style it up.

2. Prada weekend bag: I love thrifting and this is why.

3. Lush R&B hair cream: This is so good for curly and dry hair, the mixture of oils is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their hair in good condition. I love putting this on my hair after a shower and letting it soak in as my hair dries.

4. Cute protein and shaker: Since I got this at BodyPower I have loved it! Such a good protein with a really good creamy consistency. I chose this as a favourite because I have been so impressed with it and it was such a good deal at BodyPower.

5. GOSH Lip liner: I bought this as I wanted a red lip liner and one which was fairly cheap. I have been really impressed with GOSH lip liners, and they are so cheap they are defiantly worth the investment.

What products have you been loving recently? What are your May favourites?


  1. That Lush hair cream sounds great! I'll have to try it ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. Thank you :) I love it, it smells amazing :) xx

  2. As someone who suffers a lot with dry hair, I think I need to check out the Lush hair cream! I use a lot of their skincare and bath products as it is so it'll be great to try some different ranges too x

    1. Yes I have such dry hair its no fun in the summer especially when its beach weather! xx