Some of the best cruelty free highstreet beauty products review/haul

These are some of my favourite cruelty-free beauty products on the high-street that I wanted to share with you all to show just how many options there are. Let me know of any cruelty-free high street favourites you have and what beauty products you have been loving!

Firstly I picked up a few random little lip products they are all pretty cheap and not all of them are amazing, but I love them for different reasons. I bought two little lip balms one from Barry M and another from Flutter both in a pale peach as I haven't found a cruelty free lip balm yet. They were both ok, the Flutter one was really good value for money and only cost £1, it also smells really nice. The Barry M one is bigger but it costs more too at £4.99 and the smell isn't as strong, so I'm not too sure if I will be repurchasing. I also got a little Natural Collection lip gloss and a GOSH lip liner, both of which I love the GOSH lip liner is perfect for a night time look and it has a really good consistency.
Barry M is one of the most well-known brands on the high-street so I was happy to learn that they are also cruelty-free! They have such a good range of colours, but I fancied trying their Coconut Infusion nude which is infused with coconut oil! I always get such dry nails after applying polish that it often puts me off, so I'm hoping that this will be a bit gentler. The colour is beautiful and applies well and is true to colour.
I have recently researched quite a lot around deodorants and the effects of chemicals in deodorant on the body.  I decided to try a more natural version and this was one of the best I could find and it was from Tesco. It's a brand I haven't heard of before called Keep it Kind, which is for teenage girls, but it is cruelty-free with no aluminium parabens or alcohol. Since I have been trying this out I have really noticed a difference in less irritation under my arms. It's really gentle on skin and it offers a good amount of protection too I am defiantly a fan!
My last little favourite is this Lee Stafford coco loco heat protection mist, which smells amazing and is defiantly needed on hair like mine! This is one of the only cruelty-free choices of heat protection spray that I could find, but I am really happy with it.

These are just some of my little high street favourites, what are you favourite cruelty-free products on the high-street?


Amy said...

I really need to get some heat protection spray! It's nice to know that you like this one ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Ethical Bunny said...

Yes there didn't seem to be much choice for cruelty free though! I would love to find a really natural organic one :)