Seasonal Eating - Spring in the Garden

One of the best ways to eat ethically and for the planet is to grow your own food. Even a lot of Vegan food has the problem of being genetically modified with lots of air miles! Growing your own food is the best way to have access to healthy cheap local food. It can also be a great activity to do as a family in the summer and teach your children about nutrition. But what can you grow in April in the UK? Here are some lovely things growing in the garden this Spring!

Some lovely celery

Strawberry plants!


Chives and lovage 

Flat-leaved parsley 

Wild strawberry and lovage

Gooseberries and blackcurrants

Cavalo Nero and romaine lettuce 

Pak choi

Succulent rocket leaves

Parsley dill and spinach



I hope you all enjoyed a tour of the garden! Not everyone has a big garden like this but I hope it has inspired you all to try and grow a little something regardless of space! It can also help save those pennies in the long run with fresh food much cheaper than you would find in the shops!

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