With so much emphasis on hauls in the online community, the fashion revolution movement is encouraging people to take part in a new trend. The Haulternative!  A haulternative is an alternative way of taking part in a haul; it's about renting, swapping, repairing and customising what you already have, instead of buying something new. 

Get your sewing kits out!

For my haulterntive I wanted to share with you all some old clothes that I have breathed new life into and am falling back in love with. The best way to do this, I have personally found is to reinvent pieces and find new ways of wearing old items. This can completely reinvent a jacket or a dress if you start wearing it in a different way. For this, I have really been enjoying making Pinterest boards of outfits I like and different ways of wearing staple pieces that I hadn't thought of!

(Check my outfit inspo on Pinterest!)

Repairing old clothes is definitely another thing that I want to focus on this week and I know I don't do enough of! Generally, when something breaks I would get a new one, but this is completely ridiculous and unsustainable! I have a big pile of clothes with holes in that I'm going to try and repair with all my sewing knowledge gained from A Level Textiles. These range from small holes too big tears but I think it is worth it and means I can get more use out of things for much longer. I have seen some girls do really amazing customisations but I'm not sure my sewing skills could stretch that far!

I don't really have much of an opportunity to swap or rent clothes and I'm not sure if that would be necessary for me.. I would like to swap with friends possibly but style is such a personal thing! The best thing about swapping however is I always think it makes you like the item more if you ave already seen your friend look lush in it!

Have you enjoyed swapping saving renting secondhand or customising at all? Let me know in the comments!

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