MADARA - Cruelty-free and natural brand review!

MADARA is one of those brands that for me I found it hard to get excited about. Its clean crisp clinical branding never really excited me and their products were something I was hesitant to try. However, once I tried some of the MADARA night cream and the instant moisture mask I finally got it. 

Based in Latvia, MADARA is all about quality ingredients which are both organic and cruelty free; their ethos is one that I have often found in northern Europe, they understand that we are all part of nature and our beauty products should not be separate from that.

We believe that the best skincare is the kind of care that goes deeper than skin. Not just to make us look better, but make us feel and act better. It is care for our well being and self-esteem, care about the choices we make, the values we respect, and care for the environmental footprint we leave".

As well as being cruelty-free, they are also ECOCERT certified, free from preservatives and synthetics. None of the products are particularly fun or fruity, with the brand resonating with a slightly older audience for who skin care is something to be taken seriously. 

The AHA Brightening Peel Mask is something I have spoke about before on my blog; it's a product I fall in and our of love with. Although I feel like it may be right for someone I do feel like it is quite harsh on my face. It does say on the product that it is strong and I feel like it would be better for someone with less sensitive skin.

The SOS instant Moisture and Radiance HYDRA mask is much more up my street! It has a silky soft texture and its a really nice mask for anyone like me who has sensitive skin that is easily dried out. I like this mask because unlike clay and peel masks the sole purpose is full on hydration which I definatly need!

One of my other favourite products that I really want to repurchase is the Total Renewal night cream; Rich and created to target cell processes to renew skin and increase collagen production I fell in love with this the moment I first put it on my skin! The only thing I would mention is wait a while before you go to bed or it ends up all over the pillow!

Fine line minimising cream is another product I have enjoyed however, Renewal is still my favourite! This one is specifically formulated for Dry skin but it is a more fluid runny day cream. This smells really light and fresh but I'm not sure how it would  fair under make-up.

Lastly, I wanted to share my experiences using the MADARA cleansing milk (made with calming jasmin); I'm not a massive fan of cleansing milk I feel like it is a waste of time, but I have been warming to the idea of using it as I want to try the Korean 10 step skincare routine. This one was quite nice, but not for me. I checked the website and it doesn't come cheap, also while it smelt amazing and did the job I just find them a bit of a faff. 

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