How much washing up could you do without any washing up liquid? ECO and Cruelty-free cleaning products.

This week cleaning products have been in the news, so I felt it was the right time to write this post. There have been numerous stories saying 'impact of cleaning products as damaging on lungs as a 20 a day cigarette habit' or that 'cleaning products are linked to decreased lung function'.

All I can think is YAAAWNNN why does it always take the mainstream media forever to report on things like this? People have known about the damage that cleaning products cause on our lungs for over 20 years, I have no clue why all of a sudden this is news.

Anyway, I thought I would share my favourite non-toxic cruelty-free cleaning products with you all instead of just being sassy.
The first brand I want to talk about is Clean-ology because it's my favourite. Clean-ology can be bought from Lidl and costs just under £2.00, making it the cheapest of all the natural non-toxic cleaning products. It is also bleach-free Ammonia free and anti bacterial. I could find out much information on the company and as far as I know, you can only buy it in Lidl.
Clean-ology is scented with essential oils and the whole range is non-toxic; the cleaning power is about the same as any other anti bacterial I've used. The shower cleaner is really good and I was impressed with the results from that and the smell is quite good too!
YOU are a more expensive all-purpose cleaner that can usually be found in any good Tescos. I would definitely recommend a harsher stronger cleaning fluid like this for grease and grime! I like this also as even though it's about £3.50, you can use the bottle over and over while just buying £1.00 refills also saving on the plastic packaging!
Founded by Adam and Eric 18 years ago in the USA, Method is probably the coolest and most well known of all the brands. They try and use plant-based ingredients that are all cruelty-free and are the biggest green cleaning company in the world. They often release beautifully designed bottles and fun new collections like the rose gold collection. The products work but they are a little pricey and I think they could definitely benefit from a refillable scheme like YOU do to minimise plastic waste.
Ecover is the product that sticks out in my mind as being the most well established and trusted green cleaning company. Founded in Belgium in 1979 I remember this product from when I was growing up before being 'green' was cool. Originally founded to make phosphate-free cleaning products more readily available, they are a well-trusted cruelty-free vegan and natural cleaning brand. Since being bought out by Method in 2012, they have gone through a massive change in branding and it is quite clear to see more money is being invested in marketing. This washing up liquid above was on sale for £1.00 which for its size I think is reasonable. Ecover is still a really good green brand, but I would recommend looking out for it on sale. You definitely get what you pay for and green products are more expensive so get them when they are on sale!

This may seem like a big fuss about nothing, but using strong chemicals to clean your home does have a  huge impact on the environment and your own health. Some reports are now stating that our cleaning products contribute as many toxic chemicals to the atmosphere as the transport sector.

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