Eden perfumes - Vegan and cruelty free dupes

The only thing I haven't managed to find a cruelty free or natural dupe for, is my perfume. I'm very attached currently, to my Coco Chanel and all of the other vegan ones I have tried don't compare. I've heard lots of vegan and cruelty free bloggers talk about Eden perfumes who create dupes for designer fragrances. I decided to test these perfumes out and see if I could find a dupe for my Coco Chanel mademoiselle.
They do a dupe for this and I gave it a go in the shop to see if I would like it; I had very high hopes as they are so highly recommended by other bloggers. Unfortunately I don't really like the fragrance, I don't feel like any of them that I smelt were very high quality. Not to be too much of a Debbie downer but I personally would not buy one of these. The fragrances all smell very shallow and all the floral fragrances are too sharp for me. None of the perfumes that I smelt were what I would consider high quality and I think you could probably get a nicer one from Lush or just use some essential oils. I wouldn't want to discourage people from trying out this brand but I would defiantly check their returns policy if you are buying them online! I also wouldn't recommend this as a dupe product because none of the perfumes I smelt were anything like the original perfumes.

If anyone has any vegan and cruelty free perfume recommendations please let me know as I have really struggled with this. I think its because perfume is such a personal thing and smells different on everyone, its hard to find one to keep as yours for a lifetime. 

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