My favourite autumnal cruelty-free nail varnishes from Nailberry

This month I have been obsessed with these amazing new shades I've got from Nailberry! I just wanted to share them with you all because they are so Autumnal and perfect for this chilly time of year!
I love this shade Rouge it's such a beautiful strong red and very on trend for AW17; I think adding this red into an outfit via a nail varnish can be a good way of staying on trend without updating your wardrobe. I found the colour and formulation a lot stronger in this shade than others I have had from Nailberry, I only needed one coat to get good coverage. I've enjoyed pairing this nail varnish with mustard yellows and navy blue for a really autumnal feel, parkin anyone?

Cherry Cherie is another autumnal shade that I have really been enjoying this year, though it is a bit difficult to pair with some of my outfits. Its a really bright orangy red, just the right side of neon but still a little difficult to match with other autumnal shades. I've been wearing this shade to work with monochrome outfits to add a pop of colour and a little bit of fun to an office outfit.
I love Nailberry as a company, cruelty-free, free from 7 toxic chemicals and breathable what is not to like?

 They also have such a beautiful bottle design that I really love and look well placed on my dressing table. I really appreciate the thought that has gone into the design of the bottle and the branding, to me, it subtlety screams elegance. One downside I would say is that although you only need one coat to give good coverage, this will chip after about two days. If you want it to last longer I would definitely recommend putting at least two coats or a top coat on.

I hope you all enjoy my cruelty-free nail varnishes, there are so many alternative products that are not tested on animals now I find it really inspiring.


Unknown said...

These colors are very pretty and i didn't even know this brand actually, thanks for the discovery! I personally always put 2 coats and a top coat on so i'm sure i'll be happy with the quality then. Thanks for sharing! xo
Melodie |

Kimberly said...

I really love those shades, although I can see how the Cherry Cherie would be difficult to pair with outfits as the color is very bright. Love the idea of adding it as a pop of color!

Ethical Bunny said...

They are such a good brand, they have just released some new colours too which are lovely!Ha ha I'm always lazy I want the first coat to be enough :) :) xx

Ethical Bunny said...

Thank you :) Yeh I've been trying it with some burnt yellows and some blacks which is quite nice :) Thank you ! :) xx