Are the new Lush zero waste products the future?

Yes. That's the short answer. From their new zero waste shampoos and conditioners and package-less shower gels and body conditioners, this to me is the future. I think this a great new innovation selling products without the packaging and more companies should take note and follow in their footsteps.
However, there are still some areas where Lush could improve their environmental footprint. As they launch their new loyalty and subscription services, a few questions still remain for me on whether this is the best way for the brand, customers and the planet to move forward together.

"Lush will continue to build subscription services and also look to introduce more fan club programmes as it aims to solidify its growing community"
  “We don’t necessarily believe generating loyalty is purely about offering discounts so we want to build more subscription services and fan clubs,” 
“There needs to be a set-up where people can come into a shop and we know exactly who they are and can give them instant benefits. We also need to make sure our staff have more time to talk to customers on the shop floor – therefore, making the digital and physical experience seamlessly overlap will be a big focus.”
Personally, I feel like this is a drive is for profit and for Lushes marketers to gain more personal information on its customers. There are a number of other things that Lush could so to improve their environmental footprint and improve brand loyalty. Having a loyalty scheme where people will get a discount when they bring back their old pots and bottles to be refiled would be a good idea. Also, for the package-less shampoos, once you buy a tin getting 10% off every purchase where you bring in the tin would be a good idea; this would help reduce costs of packaging for Lush and be better for the planet as the package-less items still get wrapped at the counter.
Also, having points cards would be a really good idea as many of the products are quite expensive.
I feel like these would be better ideas than creating a subscription service to inspire loyalty and help the environment. They would also drive innovation and ensure that Lush keeps its place in the market and inspires and enthuses the millennials that have made it such a popular company. 


  1. I agree 100% and i love your ideas actually, especially the 10% discount when you come back with your tin for a refill, that is such an obvious smart choice, hope they'll read this! xo
    Melodie |

  2. Thank you :) Yes I feel like this would be better for the environment and the customer! I do love their 'naked' products though! I can't wait to get my hand on one of them!

    Thank you :) xx

    1. Me too! I think i'm gonna go for a shower gel because i'm super curious and the "bottle" looks quite cool too! ;) Have a great day Elfie! xo

  3. Same! I really want their santa baby one for Christmas :) :) and you xx