Cruelty-free handbag essentials to take to work

When I go to work there are somethings I have to have in my bag! These are my work bag essentials I can't live without, all cruelty-free of course! Now I know I have gone on before about the Lush Charity Pot but I'm going to again as this sample never leaves my bag! I think it's a perfect size to put in your hand bag and can fit into the smallest clutch. I like to take it to work as the air con in the office drys out my hands and I often get dry skin on my palms. Also if you handle a lot of paper this can be an issue, I'm not sure why more work places aren't paperless but hey ho!
The next two essentials for my work bag are the small Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss by Soap and Glory which is a must for any meeting ha ha. As it is the half size it fits perfectly in my bag along with all my other bits and bobs; I do sometimes however find that it is easily lost in some big bags but that is probably my fault for having too many things in my handbag. My last item is the Soap and Glory Handmaid sanitising gel. This is perfect for rubbing on your hands before lunch to keep those bugs away in crowded offices. I don't use it that much but if there is something going around I get it out very quickly. 

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