July favourites cruelty free beauty and lifestyle

Most of July this year has consisted of eating ice lolly's, enjoying the sun and hiding from the rain! However, I have been enjoying a few little beauty and lifestyle products. Going cruelty-free isn't just about makeup it's about other products too.
The first things that I have been loving this July are my new shirt and glasses. Since I watched the documentary the true cost I  decided that I need to stop buying fast fashion and wasting my money; over the last 8 months I have been developing my wardrobe and buying clothes ethically and I have actually started to enjoy shopping more! As I don't have loads of money to spend on clothes, shopping in charity shops is my main way of getting 'new' clothes now. My favourite items I have picked up recently are a white pinstripe shirt and some tortoise shell sunglasses. Both of these were from Shropshire Cat Rescue, the glasses were £1 and the shirt was £1.50 and I literally haven't stopped wearing them!

This July I also went on a day trip to Aberdyfi in Wales, on the way we stopped off at the Centre for Alternative Technology and I bought the book Zero Carbon Britain. This is the first time I have had a book in a favourites post but I really wanted to include it. I still haven't finished the book but it is really refreshing to read about solutions to environmental issues rather than just the problems. It explains how with today's technology it is possible to get Britain to net zero carbon and shows how with small lifestyle changes we can make a big difference.

Beauty wise this month I have been glued to my moisturisers; my little Lush charity pot sample has been living in my handbag and I have been using my Marlenha moisturiser every night. The constant weather changes seem to be playing havoc with my skin, one minute it's hailing next it's boiling hot which has left me with dry patches on my cheeks and chin. My Marlenha Flourish moisturiser has been a godsend and as I have said before it is perfect for dry skin!

This summer I have also fallen back in love with my Nail Berry nail varnish, even though it is quite a boring colour for summer. Through July it's been quite an easy polish to wear at work, out for meals and to events as it's such a transitional shade.

Lastly, I have been loving trying contorting with my KIKO bronzer and experimenting with that. Just because there isn't any sun it doesn't mean you can't look bronzed! It's quite a matte bronzer that is highly pigmented so it can be used quite nicely as a contour.

These are my monthly favourites please share yours below as I would love to hear about any other cruelty-free faves. :)

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