My Top 10 affordable high street cruelty-free make up brands

For people who are just starting to go cruelty-free, it can feel really daunting not knowing where to start. Who is cruelty-free and who isn't? Whats the issue with parent companies etc.? It can all be very confusing, so I compiled a list of my top ten cruelty-free makeup brands that are easily accessible to anyone on the high-street.

1. Barry M


3. Sleek

4. Soap and Glory


6. NO.7

7. B. (by Superdrug)

8. Autograph

9. Natural Collection

10. MUA

Obviously, there are other cruelty-free high street brands, this is just my list. They are all affordable as well which I think is important to show as people often think cruelty free make up is expensive. Always remember your money is your vote and when you give it to a company that tests on animals your telling them that you are OK with them doing that.


  1. Somehow I still haven't tried anything from Kiko, I've only heard good things! :)

    1. Yes I really like them, but I wish they were on more highstreets in the UK not just in cities! They have a lovely minimal collections that I've heard so much about and would love to try!

      :) xx

  2. oh wow I didn't know all of these brands were cruelty free thanks! x

    1. Yes, there are so many good options out there! Thank you for your comment! xx