10 Reasons why I decided to switch to slow fashion

1. Fast fashion and keeping up with trends is EXPENSIVE!

2. The fashion industry has a huge impact on the environment, this can range from clearing animals habitats to grow cotton, the large quantities of water needed, the pollutants and dyes that are flushed back into rivers and the large amounts of waste generation.

3. Poor treatment of workers in fast fashion factories.

4. Supply chains have become grossly unequal with most of the profit going to the retailer.

5. The effect of putting fabric covered with pesticides and carcinogens on your skin (your bodies biggest organ).

6. Many large textile companies support bad systems of government and corruption in their host countries. This means that human rights, women's rights, issues regarding the environment and poverty will always be low on the agenda.

7. Quality over quantity! I would rather have one beautiful designer handbag than 10 cheap ones for the same price!

8. High-end garments and hand made garments may be more expensive but they will last longer.

9. Developing your own personal style won't happen if you always follow fashion trends.

10. My money and my purchase is a vote and I choose to spend it somewhere else....

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