On Wednesdays we wear pink! Cruelty free beauty review/ Lush haul

Brighten up your day with a little bit of pink and treat yourself to some me time! Wednesdays always drag for me, it's the middle of the week and it always seems like forever till the weekend. For me it's about having a long leg workout and then relaxing in a bath later, I'm not sure why it's just the routine I have been in!

Here are some of my favourite little pink Lush treats to help you get through those long weeks.
I am usually put off by the loose Lush products like the scrum bars and bath bombs, they are lovely but I just get frustrated that you only get one use out of them. I have however been pleasantly surprised with the candy cane roulade as it has lasted really well. I have been using it now for about a month and its still going! It's fresh and minty, made with soya milk and vegan!

My favourite shower gel that also doubles up as bubbles in my bubble bath quite well is the Lush rose jam shower gel. With lemon and rose oil, the scent is really fresh and enticing! It is fairly thick which I like as well, for some reason thin shower gels always annoy me (irrational I know!). If you love rose scents as much as I do this is a really lovely product and its vegan, however, it is quite pricey.
I love the Lush lip scrubs and if you have dry lips this is for you! Made with caster sugar and jojoba oil I always have trouble not eating it! I have used popcorn in the past but am now trying bubble-gum which is really strong. Can also double up as a vegan pudding.....


Happy Melodie said...

Haha loved that title and you'll totally understand if you check my latest blog post (lots of pink today ;) ) and i'm also a total Lush addict and that Rose Jam shower gel smells so heavenly! xo

Amy said...

These all look really nice! I love Lush ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Ethical Bunny said...

I love you blog! It's so pretty :) :) thank you ha ha I'm all bout the pink :) xx

Ethical Bunny said...

Thank you :) yes me too especially anything they do that is pink and sweet :) xx