Long hair don't care/ Faith in Nature Review/ Cruelty free shampoo

I have heard so many amazing things about the Faith in Nature brand and some of my friends swear by their products. All the products are organic, cruelty-free and vegan and smell amazing! So I decided to try their new watermelon shampoo and conditioner as shampoo is one of the things I have struggled with since becoming cruelty-free.

I bought this set from Amazon for £10.99 and it was cheaper to get the set than just the shampoo and conditioner so I thought why not? I love watermelon everything and this shampoo and conditioner had five stars on loads of reviews which is why I chose this scent.

All three were delivered really quickly and delivery was free which is good. The bottles when they come are quite big and I would defiantly say its value for money! This set was for dry hair and is made with natural fragrance whilst being free from parabens and SLS which can make hair dull.

This review is only how I have found this product for myself and my particular hair type; I have very long thick dark brown hair down to my waist which gets oily at the roots and dry at the ends. My scalp and skin overall are quite sensitive, and generally, I like hair products that make my hair feel clean and soft while keeping the ends nourished.

When I opened the shampoo in the shower I have to say the smell is beautiful, and for those who say they don’t like the watermelon, I would still get it. It’s obvious that the fragrances are natural as it’s not a strong, fake, sweetie smelling watermelon smell, but more of a honey-like understated watermelon. Safe to say I loved it! The conditioner and shower gel are the same, and I would recommend all three of the products for watermelon fans but I'm not sure if I will repurchase. 

Both shampoo and conditioner lather up well in the hair and rinsed out easily which can be a concern if you have thick hair. After washing my hair felt squeaky clean and smelled lovely, however, I noticed some scalp irritation around my hairline. I usually just leave my hair to dry naturally as I don’t want to damage it and will either plait it or possibly style it after it’s dry.

When my hair was dry I did find that the ends didn’t feel that good; they were quite brittle and frizzy and knotted. The conditioner is quite thin so overall I don’t think it was hydrating enough for me. As my hair is so long this is one of the most important factors for me in a conditioner, as I like to keep the ends healthy to avoid the hairdressers!

The shower gel contains vitamin E and organic glycerin to help skin feel super smooth and soft, and it seemed to do just that! This is also made with 100% natural fragrance with organic watermelon extract and free from parabens and SLS. It’s made with mainly vegetable derived ingredients and is very super soft on the skin. 
Overall as my first Faith in Nature experience, I would say it's positive, they were good value and smelled amazing. I would get the shampoo and shower gel again but the conditioner was not rich enough for my long hair. I would love to try some more products from this brand and I'm thinking about getting some of their vegan face wipes as they are biodegradable!

Has anyone else tried this watermelon shampoo? Or have any recommendations for very long hair? 



  1. This brand is easy to find in France where i live so i've been meaning to try it, now that my hair aren't too long i might be happy with the conditionner i hope, can't wait to try them, thanks for the review! xo

    1. Oh that's so good you can get them there too! Yes it probably will be my hair just gets so dry!