New Years resolutions for 2019 - blogging problems, keeping fit and getting some fresh air!

Happy New Year Everyone! I've been off having some time without as much social media in my life and thinking about what I want out of this next year! I love making new years resolutions and make them every year as it's the best time to make a change in my life for the better I find :) Thinking about last year I have decided that there is three things I would really like to do this year:

1) Focus more on my health and fitness as I let a lot of things slip last year. I love health and fitness and focusing on eating well with local and sustainable food. I feel like I lost site of this this year and I want to get back into it again.

2) Have more adventures regardless of if they are in the UK or abroad! I love being outside in the countryside walking and riding and I want to make this a priority this year! I'm hoping to get some good hikes in too!

3) Find my passion to blog again; 

I got very sick of blogging this year for multiple reasons. I found out that someone else has taken the name and topic of my blog and basically copied it and ripped it off which is disheartening and made me really angry. Also, I wanted to write more about other things not just cruelty free beauty and fast fashion and I found it a bit restricting...

I would love to hear if anyone else feels like this blogging; I started out loving to talk about cruelty free beauty and slow fashion... but sometimes the focus on brands and getting sponsored posts etc takes the fun out of things. It is the same with my Instagram. I started that to share the things I love whatever they were and, to be fair, that is what Instagram was for in 2014. Now I regularly get criticisms about my content and people put me down about my feed. 

This year I want to find my passion again, post what I want when I want and remember not to care at all what brands or blogger of other Instagrammers think!

 Let me know if you have made any resolutions or have felt like this, I would love to hear about everyone else's experiences  :) :)  

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