The ordinary - Cruelty free review

Last on the bandwagon as usual! I haven't written much about being cruelty-free at the moment but that is just because I got a bit sick of it all. I never stopped it but I think you just get tired of talking about the same thing over and over. However, I have been much more enthused over the last week and have quite a few Cruelty-free products I want to share with you all!

Anyway, I finally got round to trying out some stuff from The ordinary that I have wanted to try for years. I decided to try the Retinol 1% and the Hyaluronic Acid and this is what I thought:

Firstly I have tried many different Hyaluronic Acids in the past and this is definitely the cheapest I have ever bought. The formula is very thick and since I bought it I have been using it morning and night. TBF it is cheap, but as a formula I am not overly impressed with it. It doesn't sit well under my make up so I can't wear it in the morning and I haven't noticed much of a difference in my skin compared to my last serum the Active naturals one I have spoke bout before. This one contains B5 which I like and I understand the appeal but would not buy again.

Retinol I have never tried before and I tried the 1% in Squalane. This one... the jury is still out on but I think although I like the light formula I still can't see much of a difference to my skin. I tried this after my HA and I was a bit more impressed with the results than using either of them on their own so you may want to buy a couple of things together. I know that is more of the idea with the ordinary but it does make the price go up quite a bit and I think I may just stick to m old ones from Amazon.

Top tip* I bought both full from Depop for less as I wanted to try them out! If you are not sure this is a good potion to get them for less!

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