Lush empties... would I buy them again? Cruelty free beauty review

Yes, this is slightly lazy blogging but I want to have more interesting, interactive and creative content on here.. mainly to keep motivation as I'm not always keen on writing posts. Mainly this is due to my dyslexia but it is also just wanting to expand on content and be able to do posts and content that would work well as a video but not a blog post! No I'm not making the YouTube transition I'm just diversifying so don't worry!

Love Lula cruelty-free and organic beauty box un-boxing

Sometimes there is only one way to do an un-boxing! Thought I would share my newest Love Lula box with you all and give a little review. I've tried so many cruelty free brands over the past year so good some bad and some ugly! I think part of the fun of going cruelty-free or making another lifestyle change is that you experiment and discover new things; to me that's what makes these boxes fun and so appealing.. hope you enjoy!

My fashion love story - Ethical Fashion

This story is one that started on a dreary day in Yorkshire in 2011, while I was on the phone to the Joules warehouse somewhere down South explaining to them why I needed the toad tweed blazer. It had sold out online and in all the local Joules shops nearby; but I wasn’t giving up that easily.

Three days later I was layering my new piece of tweed over multiple shirts and scooping my hair up into a mess on my head in true Elfie style. I’ve never been one for trends or fashionable pieces; most of my style inspiration comes from either the French on the continent, traditional British clothing or mad wild and crazy vintage designer pieces that I dug out of a thrift shop. I feel like these three styles are probably quite accurate representations of my personality.

Seven years later, my love story with this jacket continues. Although I don’t wear it as much as I would like it is still one of my favorite pieces to wear and I can’t think of an unsuitable occasion to wear it. I wear it with jeans dresses or skirts, or even sling it on over trackies and pretend I’m a dwarf version of a jack wills model.

Although Joules is not an ethical fashion company or a slow fashion company by any means, I think purchases like this are the essence of slow fashion. A classic piece that is well made, beautiful, and lasts forever. I have worn this for the last seven years and if I am alive I will wear it for the next seventy!

I think it is a real shame that more people in Britain today don’t wear and support our beautiful tweed clothing industry; especially given the state of our wool trade! More designers should defiantly be utilizing classic British fabrics and designs. This would also provide a much-needed boost for the wool economy and farmers who are losing money on their wool!

Top 10 tips to burn fat - Reach your fitness goals

As most of you will know one of my biggest passions in life is fitness. I don't think that there is anything more important than taking care of yourself so you can feel good make good decisions and reach your goals. Now, although you should love yourself at any size we all get to that point where we are thinking hmm I'm a little 'fluffy'. So, I thought I would share my top ten tips that I use to shift that extra couple of pounds when needed.

1. Fasted cardio

The first one is the most horrible! Fasted cardio is cardio done on a empty stomach first thing in the morning. Because you haven't eaten yet your body metabolizes your fat instead of using food for fuel. This can be effective but don't abuse it and take it slow, it can make you feel a little light headed etc. I would recommend just walking or a slow jog to start with to see if it is for you, also be careful if you have any health conditions and make sure you listen to your body!

2. Stairs

This is my favorite thing ever! The stairs are an amazing way to burn a few extra calories, much better than the cross trainer etc. If I start to feel the fluff adding the stairs in twice a week can make a huge difference; my favorite thing to do when I cba at the gym is watch Netflix on my phone on the stair master. Even at a slow pace you can burn 700 calories an hour and watch your favorite show at the same time!

3. Digestion

This can often be one of the first things to suffer when we start eating unhealthy foods, digestions slows or even stops. I certainly think this is one of the first things you notice and as girls we are all prone to an upset tum am I right? Pro-biotics and digestive enzymes are a must on any fitness journey they will keep your gut healthy and reduce bloating.

4. Fat burning foods

Chilllis cinnamon it all adds up and helps you towards your goals! Do I think anyone looses weight just eating more cinnamon? No, but they do have good fat burning qualities and they are good for you!(I like to make an almond milk banana and cinnamon smoothie sometimes when I want a sweet snack but am trying to be good!)

5. Ditch sugar and alcohol

These are the two worst offenders when it comes to putting on weight so get rid! They are also really bad if you have any physical or mental health issues and will exacerbate symptoms of depression anxiety fibromialga, lupus, arthritis etc.

6. Coffee

If you look on the back of most 'diet' pills the thing  that makes them 'fat burning' is just caffeine so save your doller and just have a coffee instead. Coffee is a good pre-workout too and the only one I use as I cba forking out for another supplement. A couple of coffee's every day will get your metabolism and your butt moving! Personally I am so lazy before a coffee but I have had to train myself to drink it with almond milk and no sugar.

7. Make sure you are eating enough good food.

This sounds counter intuitive but if you are not looking to hurt your body or some stupid quick fix making sure you eat enough is essential to losing weight. Keeping full and eating the right foods will help you balance your blood sugar and kick any cravings ass. If you don't do this you wont be able to reach your goals. Trust me I've tried! I wanted to loose four founds so I would eat less but then nothing would happen and I would just crave sugar and fat! Not good!


If you don't have time or energy to change your lifestyle much High Intensity Interval Training may be for you! A good way of shocking your body into fat burning mode you can fit a quick HITT session in under 15 minuets.

9. Get active!

No, not just going to the gym or running etc but in your down time try switching activities up... if you and your friends usually go to the cinema or go out drinking switch it for horse riding or going to the beach. Keeping active while doing enjoyable activities is the best way to shift a pound or two!

10. Don't stress!

Stress and lack of sleep will lead to weight gain and wont help you recover from exercise either.

I hope you all enjoyed my list! These don't give really fast results but will keep you healthy in the long run rather than taking diet pills slimming tea or any other fad products! I just wanted to share them as there is so much crap (cough, KimK appetite suppressant) and mis-information out there!