My fashion love story - Ethical Fashion

This story is one that started on a dreary day in Yorkshire in 2011, while I was on the phone to the Joules warehouse somewhere down South explaining to them why I needed the toad tweed blazer. It had sold out online and in all the local Joules shops nearby; but I wasn’t giving up that easily.

Three days later I was layering my new piece of tweed over multiple shirts and scooping my hair up into a mess on my head in true Elfie style. I’ve never been one for trends or fashionable pieces; most of my style inspiration comes from either the French on the continent, traditional British clothing or mad wild and crazy vintage designer pieces that I dug out of a thrift shop. I feel like these three styles are probably quite accurate representations of my personality.

Seven years later, my love story with this jacket continues. Although I don’t wear it as much as I would like it is still one of my favorite pieces to wear and I can’t think of an unsuitable occasion to wear it. I wear it with jeans dresses or skirts, or even sling it on over trackies and pretend I’m a dwarf version of a jack wills model.

Although Joules is not an ethical fashion company or a slow fashion company by any means, I think purchases like this are the essence of slow fashion. A classic piece that is well made, beautiful, and lasts forever. I have worn this for the last seven years and if I am alive I will wear it for the next seventy!

I think it is a real shame that more people in Britain today don’t wear and support our beautiful tweed clothing industry; especially given the state of our wool trade! More designers should defiantly be utilizing classic British fabrics and designs. This would also provide a much-needed boost for the wool economy and farmers who are losing money on their wool!

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