What I dont like about vintage shops

OK, yes this seems a bit contradictory for a lover of vintage and slow fashion to be writing a post about not liking vintage shops but there are a few things about them that really grind my gears. 

The springing up of vintage shops over the last 10 years has run alongside the abdication of any new good fashion trends. We have entered the era of anything goes. The directionless era of meaninglessness. So now as we fail to come up with anything good enough to become a proper trend, (apart from cheap fashion brands propensity to use less and less fabric till the word clothing becomes obsolete); we have instead started to look back, to eras where clothes were better made and had style. 

Que the springing up of countless vintage shops in every town across the country. Now I do love vintage, I don't think you can beat a good vintage piece reworked in a modern way, to create an outfit all of your own. However, when I go into vintage shops quite a few things bother me.

The first thing is the price, now yes I know there is the odd vintage haunt that still seems to respect that they are selling second-hand clothing but most don't. No, Margret, I'm not paying £55.00 for a stained Levis Jacket or £40.00 for some mad 80's shirt that still stinks of fags. Like WTF? These are the cast-offs from years gone by and you haven't even bothered to wash them or organise them. No just stop.

Another thing that bothers me, is the people that work in these places who trail around charity shops picking up the best vintage finds that Nana donated after her sister died, scoop it all up and then double the price and sell it as vintage in theirs. Yes, maybe it is a good way of making money for them, but it has made charity shops raise their prices and it's bullshit. 

The last thing that bothers me, is that the staff in these shops don't seem to do any work. Yes, I know this is a little harsh and ranty but why don't they seem to be able to pick stuff up off the floor? Nothing is organised, or sized properly and it smells. Now I won't turn my nose up at something in a charity shop if it has a bit of a smell, but when you are selling something on, at double the price, wash it and sew up any holes. All the staff in these places seem to have the time to jibber jabber on about their personal problems to poor unsuspecting teenagers who wander in just hoping to find some booty shorts, but this is meant to be a business get organising and displaying your stock!

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