The best places to shop second hand on the internet

Thrifting and shopping second-hand doesn't have to be limited to charity shops, there are plenty of places to pick up amazing bargains online too. Shopping second hand is the most environmentally friendly and ethical way to shop, as it is just reusing items that are already made. It is also a great way to pick up bargains, develop your own style and find one-of-a-kind pieces that make your wardrobe really special.
It's important as well to remember that there is nothing wrong with shopping second hand. People often are put off by the thought of smelly, worn items cast aside by somebodies great Aunt Tess. But that really isn't the case, everything is clean and often you can find things still with labels on.

Shopping in this way also doesn't limit you to a certain style, there are so many different options and as long as you are focused on building a certain wardrobe there are soooo many good bargains you can pick up.

Here are my favourite places to shop online second hand, I hope you all enjoy my list and it gives you some great inspiration for updating your own wardrobes ethically:

1. ASOS Marketplace



4. Vestier collective

5. Oxfam online

6. Vinted

7.  Preloved

8.  Shpock

I've had some good experiences on these sites and found some really good bargains that are really good quality. The best thing about these are that you can really develop your own style and build a really stylish wardrobe on a budget. It also helps the environment, minimising our consumption and not supporting the exploitation of workers and the destruction of the world's biodiversity.

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