Natural make up look - Cruelty free beauty

I always scroll down Instagram in awe, make-up these days is incredible and it seems all girls from the age of 13 know how to contour their faces to perfection and apply false lashes in one minute flat. Unfortunately, I seem to have missed that boat and between working two jobs, going to the gym, blogging and studying if it can't be done in under 5 minutes, there isn't time.
If like me you have a busy lifestyle and don't have much time, I hope you enjoy this natural make-up look which is my go-to look for every day. I think it's pretty natural and simple and I can usually do it in about 3-4 minutes as the products are very simple colours and easy to apply. I like this look as I feel like it freshens my face up for the day without looking too done up. I think that this look also works really well if you work in an office and want to wear very natural makeup.

One thing I always do before I apply any make-up is applied a nice moisturizer. I have never really seen the need for primer, I think this works just the same and primer is a little unessisary... I've been enjoying using the Soap and Glory plumping moisturiser. I then always do my mascara and eyeshadow first as I think it's easier to correct any mistakes this way; for this look I like to use the Soap and Glory Thick and fast mascara and the Sleek pallet Storm 578, with one of the matt light brown shades; I like this as it is really subtle but if you are quite pale like me, it adds some warmth to the look and a bit of shade around the eyes.

After this, I always apply a light foundation, Barry M flawless matte finish is the one I have used, I think its really important to use a moisturizer under this as it is quite drying and I wouldn't really recommend.  A cruelty-free foundation is something I have really struggled finding If anyone has a good recommendation let me know in the comments! So far all the ones I have tried have been oddly pigmented or very drying! The only one I would recommend is probably No7, as I've recently fallen out of love with all of the Illamasqua and Smashbox ones. Smashbox I would also like to mention is not strictly cruelty-free as it is owned by a parent company that tests.

Next I like to use the Illamasqua Brow Build in Thrive for my eyebrows I really love this product It makes such a subtle difference to your brows if you aren't a fan of drawing them on like me or you don't have time this is a really good way of taming your eyebrow hairs and adding some shape and fullness to your brows.

Finally, a lick of the Rosie Huntingdon Whitley Lipshine in sweetie darling and a dab of KIKO bronzer and that's my look finished! This look only takes 5 products and the moisturizer and it so quick to do; if I'm going out after work it's also really easy to update the look slightly just using the sleek pallet. If I need a quick update dabbing the light pink shade on my browbone and then using it as a highlight on my nose and corner of my eyes and cheekbones are quite effective.

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