Five reasons to go cruelty free now

1. You love animals and wouldn't want a company to hurt them on your behalf.

2. Animal testing results in the death of 115Million animals every year.

3. The tests can involve not only small animals like rats and mice but also cats, dogs, horses and other farm animals.

4.Changing your purchasing habits can really make a difference!

5. There are loads of alternatives especially when testing for cosmetics making this very needless.


  1. Love this post so much, it's really motivating me to make a change and do some research. Luckily for me, your blog seems like a perfect starting point for me to do that. Also, I really admire you for practicing what you preach!!

    Thank you, Chloe @

    1. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment :) I hope you find it as fun as I have to find new brands :) I do try but no one can be 100% ethical and cruelty free all the time sometimes it's tricky and brands are always changing their stance!

      Loved your blog the outfits were really cool cant wait to read your next post :) xx