My experience with a Derma Roller

A derma roller is not something I had considered until quite recently. I never really understood them and they looked a bit scary, but since I started to worry more about my skin I thought I might as well give it a whirl. I have heard scary stories about people bleeding and it really hurt but I thought they must be exaggerating, so I went onto Amazon and bought one (sidenote, you can get an eco-friendly one here but I was shit and didn’t do my research). I did some research on youtube about how to use one correctly and what you need to do to prep your skin etc beforehand. This mainly involves just making sure you sterilize your derma roller and make sure your skin is as clean as possible. You need to roll over every area down up and diagonal over ten times which allows the needles to make as many holes as possible.

Now, when I researched  derma rolling I found that some people said it hurt and some people said it didn't. Don't believe anyone who says it doesn't. Ouch ouch ouch! The first time I ever tried derma rolling was the worst! This for me was extremely painful and I had to keep stopping just to calm down and take a breath!! It made my face so red and sore and tight and was not a pleasant experience at all.

I started off using a 1 mm needle but would defiantly recommend that you start off with a 0.5mm the smallest you can get. Although this is a painful process I would recommend it. After the searing pain and discomfort my face was tight and stinging and I went to bed; in the morning my face felt so smooth and my skin was really really soft. They recommend you derma roller once a week for a few months before you can see a difference and I'm excited to see the results. I've also seen that it can help with hair loss and uneven hairlines which I'm hoping to see a change to. At the moment I have switched down to a 5 mm needle and haven't seen any lasting results, but fingers crossed!

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