Cruelty-free skin saviors! Organic and natural beauty

My skin has been horrendous lately with hormonal changes and the stress of moving house and job! The weather hasn't helped either going from sub-zero arctic temperatures to boiling hot sun, has played havoc with my hair and skin! I had to have five inches off my hair and have had permanent blotches on my face for the past few weeks.

Keeping my face hydrated for me is a constant struggle but these are the products I've been using (and loving) at the moment that have helped my face stop cracking and dropping off.
The first thing I wanted to mention is my favorite product that I picked up from Holland and Barrett, which is the tiny Dr. Organics lip balm in coconut. I have really struggled trying to find a cruelty free and natural/more natural lip balm that is really hydrating. I know every other blogger seems to love HARAWW but I have always found the quality quite low.
Another thing I have been doing to really lock in the moisture in my skin is, at night after my shower using a serum and a night cream. I've been using the Insta naturals Hylauronic acid serum, which is good and worth the £10.00 price tag. What most people don't realize is that for this to work well you need to apply it to your skin when its hot and wet from out the shower. Don't dry your face at all and put the serum on straight away!This helps lock in moisture and helps the HA do its job. Once it has soaked in and your face apply the night cream. My favorite this Spring/ Summer has been the MADARA organic night cream that I got from Love Lula.

The last product I wanted to mention I had been really enjoying using... but I'm not overly sure of now. The rose water toner I mentioned in my last Love Lula box review I love the smell etc and it is refreshing on the skin but I'm not sure of how toning it is really. I have been still using it but more as a refreshing spritz for my hair and skin as I'm unsure of using it as a toner. 


  1. I hope the stress settles down for you soon. The hylauronic acid serum sounds really interesting, and I might have to get that lip balm too. My fave lip balm at the moment is The Body Shop Hemp one, it's worked wonders x

    Rachel |

    1. Thank you! I've not tried anything from the body shop in a while I might give that a go.. I get very sore dry lips a lot!

      :) xx

  2. I love insta natural products, they always seem to work for me. I will have to check out that lip balm as I feel nothing ever works well my my lips.

    Kimberly - Up a Nelms Tree

  3. Yes they are so good! I was very impressed for that price... they are really good not great if you are trying to be zero waste but very moisturizing and cruelty-free :)

    Thanks for the comment xx