What's on my dressing table - Going cruelty-free one year on

Just over one year ago, I made the decision to start only buying cruelty-free beauty products. I wanted to write a post and look back at how this has affected my buying habits, what has been difficult and how my dressing table is looking one year on.

I also wanted to write something to show how, when you go cruelty-free, it's a process that doesn't happen overnight. One year on I still have many products that are not cruelty-free that I'm still using up; it's not about getting rid of everything and starting again.

The things I found relatively easy to switch over to when I knew where to look was nail varnish, make-up and face wipes. It is quite easy to find cruelty free and more natural alternatives to these on the high street, with brands like Zoya, Barry M No7 and Gosh offering loads of choice for an affordable price. Most own brand face wipes and creams are also cruelty-free, but Faith in Naturals has to be my favourite. I also love most of the brands in Holland and Barret and Lush for picking up face creams and hand lotions.

The things I have found difficult are hairstyling and heat protection products and perfume. The only brand I could really find on the high street apart from own brand ones is Lee Stafford; I can't seem to find any perfumes either as all the cruelty-free and vegan ones I have tried don't smell right to me. Obviously, this s personal preference and perfumes smell different on everyone depending on your taste.

If you fancy watching a little tour of all the products that are currently on my dresser you can below:

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