Sustainable fashion in London - Thrift shopping in Camden and Portobello Market

Now we all know how much I love secondhand finds and vintage pieces, so where better to search for these than London? Living in rural counties and spending most of my time in the countryside, there is a lack of new places to thrift and new bargains to find. So I wanted to write a piece about my thrifting experiences in the city how it's different and what I found!
I decided to go thrift shopping around Camden, as I knew there were a few charity shops there. Walking down the main street there are all the usual suspects, Oxfam, Bernardos, Age UK etc; however, when I was having a rummage in the shops they seemed to be a far cry away from the charity shops back at home! Firstly everything is a lot more expensive with tops from Topshop priced at around £8-12.00 instead of £2-4.00! However, everything is also much better quality and much better brands. Karen Millen, Levis and Gucci to name but a few were relatively commonplace and not a bad price for what they were.
The shops, on the whole, are also fancier, Oxfam was ridiculous with whole rails of quality cashmere vintage and designer pieces. The walls were decorated like a boutique, you would never know you were in a charity shop!

I thrifted some pretty good basics in Camden, there were some amazing pieces but I've been focusing on building up my basics at the moment and I feel like it will help me create better outfits. I recently have been looking for inspiration and creating boards on Pinterest before going out and thrifting the bits I would need to make the outfits. This seems to work quite well and I feel like it has definitely improved my style.
Another good place for second-hand clothes was Portobello Market near Notting Hill. There were stalls selling jewellery vintage clothes, fur jackets, 90's sportswear the stuff that hipsters dreams are made of. Again it's not cheap, but you can find some amazing things there and there is something for everyone!
I would definitely recommend thrifting here and it definitely lived up to my expectations with the quality of the clothes.


Unknown said...

Yeah, you know i was waiting for this post! ;) I'm totally saving this for my next weekend in London! Thanks lovey! xo
Melodie |

Ethical Bunny said...

Ha ha honestly it was so good there! So expensive though :) it was more fun.. I saw some of the cast of made in Chelsea too which was exciting ... ish ha ha! Yes its defiantly a once in a blue moon occurrence because of how expensive it is!

thank you for the comment xx :)

Alis Green said...

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