What I have been thrifting this Autumn - Ethical fashion lookbook

Since watching the true cost I decided I was no longer going to buy fast fashion. I feel like this kind of goes hand-in-hand with cruelty-free beauty as fashion has such a damaging effect on the environment and has led to the destruction of habitats and the poisoning of many wild creatures.

Shopping in a more environmentally friendly way has meant a lot of thrifting, which I have really enjoyed. I have decided to do a bit of a wardrobe clear out and a style overhaul, as well as I, haven't been happy with my wardrobe for a long time.

One of the feelings that stopped me wanting to go shopping in charity shops or second hand generally was the perception of not being able to find anything that was my style. Much of the thrifted clothes other people seemed to have looked too vintage for my liking; as I'm a person who is perpetually messy I need clean easy outfits that will detract from this!

When I started actually having a look around these shops however I found the opposite was true. Most of the items in second-hand places are just the same style as all your regular high street shops as that is where most of the stock comes from.

Here is a little update of what I have been thrifting this Autumn and the wardrobe updates I have found, I hope you enjoy it and find some inspiration to give shopping second hand a go.
This outfit I thrifted mainly from the British red cross I love this long floaty shirt, putting it under dresses or just wearing it with jeans or leggings is such a casual look. It has a really slight black pinstripe that I love and think it makes it a little bit different. The dress and shoes were also from British red cross but are both a little big on me which is why I have put the shirt under this dress. Without the shirt, it is very racey!
This polo shirt came from Bernardos and I wanted to add one into my wardrobe for ages. I'm not too keen on it though as the sleeves are slightly fluted and its a little big so I might cut the bottom off and make it cropped. The jeans are from Oxfam and are so so comfy!
 I got this Jack Wills jumper fromBernardo'ss and I love it! I love jack wills anyway and used to buy a lot of their clothes as I just feel like their basics are such better quality than a lot of highstreet places. I was so happy that I managed to pick up this snuggly mens one for £4.50.
I really hope that you enjoy my first ever lookbook and that it inspires you to move away from the whole fast fashion industry.

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