Love Lula Organic and Cruelty Free Beauty Box Review

We all know how I feel about Love Lula. Although I have been branching out lately I would never betray old faithful! Always packed with high-quality Organic Cruelty-free products, it is the best place to start if you are looking to go Cruelty-free!

The total value of the box £70.00 but you get it all for just £12.00 which is quite reasonable in the beauty box world.

This is a SARYA eyeshadow in mocha, made with apricot and avocado oil. Free from parabens I love the consistency, it feels very soft not grainy at all and I can't wait to try it out.

I've seen loads of other bloggers go on about Hurraw! I have tried this out over the last few days and I know why. It is very silky soft and super moisturising. I have been really happy with this so far though it is small so you don't get much product.

I feel like every Love lula box has something from MADARA in it! Not complaining over the years this brand has really grown on me. They are usually quite expensive, made in Europe they use really high-quality ingredients. 

Such a fan of Inika so I was very happy to get this! CF and organic I defo have some new bits to add to my makeup collection!

Get 25% off all the brands above until the 10 April with the code BBMAR19

Petit Vour Cruelty-Free Beauty Box First Impressions

I've been wanting to try this beauty box for a while, so I thought I would take the plunge and order!

I decided to go for the February box, costing around $25 to be shipped over from the US. You all know how much I love cruelty free products and I would say I am familiar with a lot of brands, however, I was pleased to see a whole load of new ones I have never heard of!

The first cruelty-free item and my favourite is the ANTONYM cosmetics waterproof eye pencil. I think I am going to use it on my brows as it is the perfect colour for me and I have been looking for a CF. brow pencil with good consistency.

I haven't tried this yet and I'm not overly keen on one use products but I will be giving this a go. My trotters defo need some love after all the sport and walking I do so it may come in handy!

This toner is made with tee tree and hyaluronic acid so I am interested to try it. as you all know I am not a big fan of toners they make me break out but this may be the one for me! The brand SHAMANUTI looks interesting and I am excited to try this. 

I really like this cuticle balm! It feels very nourishing and silky like it is really nourishing your nails! Valued at $14 it is the second most expensive thing in the box but for me so far this has been the highest quality. It is made with Neem oil and it feels really nourishing you your hands! Also, for those of you that are vegan, it is vegan-friendly too!

They say that the box contains $40-$60 dollars worth of product, but it does come all the way from America and you know how I feel about my Love Lula box! Overall I did like all the products, though I would like to see more organic make up as products being 'organic' is a big deal to me. I would get this again and I do think if you are a beauty box fan it is a great way of transitioning to Cruelty-Free Beauty.

Top 10 Zero Waste products you need in your life right now!

Now not all of us are ready to begin living a zero waste life, not only because the concept is confusing but where on earth do you begin?? Well, since the release of Blue Planet 2 more and more people, including myself, are beginning to consider their plastic consumption. Also, as many people seemed to enjoy my last post of cutting out plastic I thought it would be a good time to do an update on transitioning to using less. I personally am awful when it comes to the amount of waste I produce and I have found cutting down on packaging and one use containers to be really difficult! 

As I am trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle, I thought I would share some swaps that I think are the easiest and cheapest to make and that I have found it less hard in making. I hope you all enjoy and feel free to add to these!

These are the top ten products you need in your everyday life to help reduce needless waste!

1. Guppy bag

2. Lunchboxes or Wax wraps

3. Bag for life

4. Reusable coffee cup

5. Water bottle

6. Biodegradable makeup wipes or face cloth

7. Solid soap bars or 'naked products like lush

8. Metal straws

9. Veg bags (or a veg box)

10. Moon Cup

For me, these have been the easiest changes for me to make to my lifestyle but if you have any other suggestions leave them below :)

My top 10 ethical bikini brands - Sustainable fashion edit

Summer is just around the corner! So in preparation, I have compiled a list of the best ethical swimwear out there! Let me know your favourite in the comments below...

1. Underprotection

Stunning designs, this is one of my favourites! They only use sustainable materials such as recycled polyester, recycled wool, lyocell and organic cotton. I ordered a few things from here recently and was also very impressed to see that they send your package in biodegradable paper and polybags.

2. Burrows & Co

Made ethically in Bali to workers who are paid a fair wage, they are one of the best designed on this list. The brand is Australian and does use some ethical fabrics like ECONYL and bamboo. 

3. Arnhem

Australian brand,  they pay a fair wage and do use some ethical fabrics like organic cotton. Go here for stunning paisley suits and 70s inspired patterns.

4. Batoko

Based in the UK, they have fun swimsuits made from recycled plastic all priced around £40.00; I wish they had kept their leopard print design though as the current ones they have are very eccentric.

5.Vitamin a

Stunning design, the look of them makes me want to go on holiday. Slightly more prices and difficult to get in the UK as they are from LA.

6. Elle evans

They are also made in Australia, in their ethical workspace using recycled plastic! Quite pricey, but I love their jungle designs.

7. Menestho

This brand is perfect if you are looking for something vibrant and fun - they use organic material

8.Bombshell bay

Tropical and fun they are expensive as you will be paying £90-150 for a bikini! They have a big focus on female empowerment and use recycled plastics.

9. Crush swim

I love these they are made from plastic bottles and old fishing nets! They are very tropical looking for perfect for a Carabian holiday... 

10. Azure bay

This is quite a good place to get hold of different ethical swim brands and they regularly have sales so I thought I would include it!

37 Reasons I am supporting Brexit - Environmentalist perspective

Although I am aware of the inflammatory nature of this subject I did want to talk about it on my blog. I know this may upset a lot of people but I started my blog for my own self-expression and to highlight certain issues in the world (sweatshops animal testing etc.). 

Since 2016, when I was a firm remainer, I have witnessed some things that have changed my mind on the issue that I wanted to talk about and share with others. My main reason for writing a blog post is that whenever the subject is brought up in work or any other social setting I am shouted down and not allowed an opinion.

Have a read, and if anyone else has something to add or a counter argument I would like to hear it... but be civil and make sure you have facts that are not in the form of newspaper articles or others opinions; as that is not a fact.

1. We had a referendum and regardless of the outcome, we should honour it. Are we a democratic nation or not? Do we have fair and honest voting systems or not? Do we value the votes and opinions of British Citizens or not? Although I am an advocate of the benevolent dictatorship put forward in Plato's Republic he even admits himself this is a Utopian ideal. Democracy is the best system we have.

2. We did not sacrifice millions of British citizens in two world wars to be ruled by Germany. And essentially this is what we have at the moment, a system dominated by the whim of Germany and France and the corporate elites. 

3. The promotion of bad, inefficient farming practices under CAP. We have some amazing farming here in the UK and some amazing farmers who are often strangled by legislation. However, there is a need for better land management in some areas and Brexit is a good opportunity to come up with a approach that is more tailored to British Farming needs.

4. We are an island nation and the Common Fisheries Policy, as well as the policy of allowing non-UK vessels the right to fish in the UK's Exclusive Economic Zone has decimated coastal areas.

5. Bringing British fishing back in my opinion as an environmentalist, is a good thing. I know a lot of people are concerned about over fishing our waters, and that is a problem. However I am sick of seeing fish on the shelves in our supermarkets that have had to be shipped half way around the world or brought in from abroad. Local industry and local production IS important.

6. The EU is open to bribery on environmental issues. This was made very obvious when they refused to ban Glyphosate. Although at the moment it is an important herbicide, there are issues that need to be addressed.

7. The MEP's who go to the European Parliament are not elected! (and earn over £300,000 a year and don't pay full tax).

8. They don't have to submit an expenses form for what the MEPs spend... this opens the door to invite in corruption and abuse of public money.

9. We can do better trade deals with the rest of the world... no not South Africa I was more thinking America?

10. Make our own environmental laws. Fake 'environmental' organisations like Friends of the Earth (or Friends of the EU) are trying to make out no-deal brexit would be bad for wildlife. However, it will give us the chance to make some great positive changes to our current environmental legislation and tailor it to our countryside.

11. Norway Switzerland and Iceland are not in the EU and they are doing better.

12. We won't have to bail out other countries like Greece.

13. Being more independent and self sufficient.. this can only be a good thing. We need to stop relying on hand outs and instead rely on opportunities and innovation.

14. The EU has a lot of business legislation that penalizes start ups and small businesses. As it did with CAP which has put a lot of small farms out of business.

15. One of the biggest issues is people saying that we will become poor. However, everyone who is saying it is untrustworthy and probably paid off; Personally I think it's better to be poor and free rather than a rich slave.

16. They turn a blind eye to big companies like H&M and IKEA buying illegal timber and basically using slave labour in Ethiopia. 

17. We are basically an occupied nation over ruled by a federal superstate with its own justice system, flag, money and according to Macron soon, an army. (I thought this was a joke when I saw it).

18. All the academic, NGO'S and community organisations that are telling us it will be a disaster are being funded by the EU... don't believe me check.

19. The Maastricht Treaty (TEU) and all pre-existing treaties, has subsequently been further amended by the treaties of Amsterdam (1997), Nice (2001) and Lisbon (2009) were all treaty's to give the EU more power; these were all rejected in parliament but we are still subject to them?

20. The EU doesn't even abide by its rules set out in its own laws and treaties. Case in point the Greek Bailout which was ILLEGAL under article 125 of the European Treaty.

21. They have admitted in the past that they disregard the votes of the people and that populations that vote the wrong way will be ignored or forced to vote again!

22. We send them £350 million a week! Enough to build a new hospital every week or invest in infrastructure. We could even use that money to plant trees to stop soil erosion and improve our air quality.

23. We get only half of this back in funding for projects and communities that we could fund anyway. There would even be enough money to slash taxes for small businesses and revamp our farming and fishing industries. 

24. Not allowed to negotiate own trade deals.

25. Europe is one of the slowest growing economic areas in the world.

26. Small local businesses have to comply with 100% of EU regulations even though only 6% of small businesses in the UK sell their goods to the EU.

27. They conspired with big pharmaceutical industry to ban small vitamin companies saying they needed to comply with certain rules that put many independent herbalists out of business.

28. Our cost of living goes up with all this legislation. Something no-one talks about is that more and more red tape makes the prices of goods and services go up. This in turn raises the cost of living. The introduction of CAP made food prices rise something which effects the poorest in society the most.

29. Once something is European law it can never be changed. We scoff at countries like Saudi Arabia and China with their dictatorships but are we any different?

30. All of this goes against our Magna Carta written in 1215 it says the people have the right to decide how much tax is taken and where it is spent. EU laws also go against our common law.

31. Age. Apparently, it's OK to disregard people with more knowledge and life experience than you and publicly insult them and their decisions. The way the Remain campaign and the media have treated our parents and Grandparents is DISGUSTING.

(If you disagree take a moment to think if the media did this with women, black or disabled people.. said that their opinions don't matter and they will be dead soon).

32. We have no control in the EU parliament at all since its conception we have voted against 72 measures and been defeated 72 times.

33. They victimize UK businesses and take money from interest groups like in the case of Sir James Dyson. 

34. Animal Welfare! All of our Animal welfare laws are made in Brussels and are not suitable for the UK. They are also only given 0.5% of the budget which is disgusting. a new BAP will support higher welfare and organic systems. (80% is given to people who own big farms even if they don't produce much..).

35. Banning live exports can't be done while we remain in the EU. This means that our British animals are subject to slaughtering conditions that would not be legal in this country. I am a big supporter of more UK based slaughterhouses, higher welfare with shorter travel time for animals.

36. We do not have control over halal slaughter houses as they are protected by EU legislation. This is an issue for anyone who believes in Animal rights.

37. We currently can't deport criminals which I think is awful. This should not be our problem if someone from another country comes here and commits a crime they should be deported and prosecuted in their own country. 

If you agree or you don't agree that is fine. But watch this and make sure you listen to either side before you make up your mind.

I have changed my mind for these reasons and for the reason that I have seen so many sponsored posts on Facebook and Twitter so much propaganda around the issue with media outlets not even offering a counter viewpoint that I have decided to support Brexit. Call me crazy but I just don't like being told what to think by un-elected politicians and big businesses.

I think this is a golden opportunity for a Green Brexit and I resent the media saying all young people want to be part of the EU. 

It is my personal opinion that Brexit will have a big impact on environmentalism, land use and farming in Britain something many young people are passionate about. However, if this is managed correctly it is a huge opportunity for something better. 

At this stage, I fully support a no-deal Brexit and to leave under WTO terms. I think that we all need to support this together and we will then be in a stronger position to make trade deals. 

Concerns over making trade deals with other countries that have a lower agricultural standard is a concern, but I think IF it is well managed it would provide a much-needed injection of cash and innovation into our agriculture. Also, it would open up opportunities to trade within Iceland Greenland and Norway as well as the rest of the world (in terms of agriculture, energy and timber this may present some good opportunities). I also feel like this is an opportunity for British people to start to support their local farmers and buy more British produce.

If you enjoyed this please share it as there is hardly any information going around explaining these issues <3

Also, I am now using the hashtag #sayyestoanodealbrexit ready for March the 29th. I think a no deal is the only way we can show just how serious we are and get this nonsense sorted.

It has been made very clear that May will use article 50 to force MP's to vote for her deal. We must not let this happen and I would encourage you to get involved!