Reusaboo - Bamboo reusable cups

In the UK we go through 7 million disposable coffee cups a day... that is 2.5 billion a year! 

We all want to do out bit for the earth; so when choosing the reusable cup of your choice, making sure that it is made from sustainable materials is a must! Although it is brilliant to see so many people using reusable cups these days buying more and more plastic (even if it is reusable) does concern me... 

Personally, I have close to 10 reusable coffee cups, flasks, cold drink bottles etc. all stacked though my kitchen waiting to be used. 

Reusaboo however, make reusable cups with a difference.. they are made from bamboo! This means that they can biodegrade easily and don't contain a plastic lining like disposable coffee cups. I was lucky enough to give this one a try and so far I have been impressed. 

The thing that I really like about bamboo is that it doesn't feel like you think it will in your hand. I am definitely keen on buying more bamboo for my kitchen at it feels good quality, sturdy but light and easy to clean. 

I am a sucker for a coffee, so investing in a good reusable cup is worth it for me. I generally will have at least one take away coffee a week spend on average £208.00 a year on take away coffee. Taking my mug to Starbuck or Costa will save me 20p a time whenever I go and get one - so it is worth it!

The design is a lovely green forest, and it is clear a lot of thought has gone into the pattern,

"I always felt that design was going to be a key part of the brand and our products. I love minimalist style flat illustrations with bold colours and striking shapes. I wanted our cups to stand out and thought this style would be perfect. For our first cup, I decided to go with a forest theme to reflect the sustainable nature of our product. I approached Claire at Velvet Design and she took this vision and created our first beautiful design. " 

If you want to find out more about Reusaboo or purchase your own reusable cup click here!

French Girl - Cruelty free beauty

I discovered a new obsession and it's French Girl! I was looking for a while for a new facial scrub to brighten up my complexion - and clear my pores. I was sent the Vitamin C polish by French Girl and I have to say I am in love! I don't know if I am the last to the party, but I had never tried a powder exfoliator before that you have to mix with water. I was slightly sceptical/quizzical when I took off the lid of the bottle and saw dust inside however, I now think I may be a convert!

Described as a polish, it does give you that feeling! Once you mix the powder with water and massage into your skin the fine texture of the powder really gets to work in scrubbing the day off your face. 

It smells amazing filling the air with a lovely sweet scent!

Aside from the amazing branding and my obsession with how soft this makes my skin it as also cruelty-free. I am so pleased to see so many ethical beauty brands entering the market over the last few years especially ones that create such high-quality products!

"Our supply chain is entirely cruelty-free. We manufacture in-house and ensure that the suppliers of our raw ingredients do not test on animals. And of course, our entire product line of luxury skincare is Tested on French Girls, Never on Animals. FRENCH GIRL is committed to offering beautifully curated, hand-crafted products with sustainable luxury in mind. All of our beauty and skincare products are thoughtfully created to provide an opulent, multi-sensory experience of guilt-free indulgence."

Let me know if you have tried anything from French Girl below!

Where I ate in Bari, Italy - Gluten and Dairy free!

This may be a very short post, but if you are travelling to Bari then I suggest you check these places out! We stopped in Bari for a night this summer before making our way further down the coast.

While we were there we had a wander around, looked in some churches, saw a brilliant photography exhibition AND ate some tasty food. The two places that stuck out to me were Jerome which is a pudding place that does pastries, icecreams and the like, but everything is pink!

The deserts here are amazing and quite well priced! There was even a little something for me as I had a sorbet with some candyfloss on top...

The other place that we ate (twice) was an all you can eat Japanese restaurant called Xuan. This is probably the best sushi I have ever eaten and if you go make sure you get the all you can eat option as it is a very good value for money. Located not far from the sea, it is relatively easy to find!

13 Top Tips for selling on Depop - Ethical Fashion edit

As my last post on Depop tips went down so well I thought I would do a new one with my top tips and what I have learnt a year on. If you are just getting started with Depop you can read my first post here. 

I wanted to do a post on top tips and tried and tested methods of selling things as I have really struggled to sell on Depop. I watched multiple videos etc on how to sell faster/more but I felt like most of them weren't that helpful or honest. 

So here it is a completely honest guide to selling on Depop with all the tips no one talks about or really says - yes some of them are spammy but it will help you sell.

1. Good Pictures

Ok, this first one is a given, even if you cant try it on make sure the picture is clear with lots of natural light and you photograph any stains or marks for people to see.

2. Accurate descriptions 

I am awful at this as it can be very time consuming but it does help you sell your items faster. Make sure you describe the item, where you got it, how many times it has been worn, any marks or stains, what it would be good to pair it with etc. so people can visualise what they could wear it with.

3. Use Hashtags 

Depop has now limited the hashtags to only 5 on each post which for me has really impacted my sales. Try and pic really relevant things or if it is a certain style like 'milkmaid' etc.

4. Always keep proof of postage 

This can come back to bite you and it has for me recently - luckily I kept the proof of postage so I could prove it was sent. If you don't a buyer can force Paypal to take the money from you even if you have posted it - and you don't want that!

5. Be helpful but don't get taken for a ride

If you get asked a question always answer it quickly and if someone wants pictures of the item with you wearing it it is nice to oblige them! However, many people ask questions to waste time and if you get the feeling you are being led down the garden path don't waste your time taking loads of photos etc.

6. Re-post items

No one tells you to do this but this will massively affect your sales! It is so important to repost the items you are selling every day if possible. This will keep them at the top of the feed when people are searching for items! Just click edit on your item, don't make any changes and post it again!

7. Organise your shop 

If someone likes and item that you have posted they may want to browse your shop! Make sure all your items are in order and can be seen clearly as they scroll down the page.

8. Move all sold items to the bottom

This can be frustrating if you want to browse someone's shop. Make sure you move all sold items to the bottom of your page. This can be done easily on a desktop as there is a button that isn't on the app. 

9. Post every day

New fresh items being put up every day will help keep people interested and will make them want to follow you. You also have more of a chase of getting on the first page of depop (which has only happened to me once); being on this page only happens if you take brill pictures and have more of a theme to your shop. When you are on the front page of depop LOADS of people will like your item and follow your shop so for any seller this is the ultimate aim.

10. Share your shop

There is now a function to share your shop on social media! Make sure you do this to gain exposure - people you know already may want to buy from you!

11. Follow loads of people 

Some people will follow you back when you follow them so make sure you follow loads of people! The only other ways to gain followers is either to get on the front page on Depop or be selling highly sought after items ( or have a theme to your page). 

12. Follow people who like items like yours

This is one of my TOP TIPS that I have never seen anyone else talk about online. If you have for example a CK crop top, search for other people that are selling the same item. Then click on who has liked the item and follow them. They will already be interested in the item you are selling so following them will result in them maybe having a look at your page and seeing your item... sneaky!

13. Do bundles and offers

The function for this is in settings and will give buyers free postage if they buy a bundle. Switching this on will increase sales and help you upsell to people.

I hope you all enjoyed my post and you can find my Depop shop here. I hope that this was helpful and post below if any of my tips helped you sell your items faster!

Where to go vintage shopping in Barcelona - Sustainable Fashion Edit

We all love a bit of holiday shopping right? In one of the blog posts, I wrote last year I talked about ethical travel and how to minimise the impact of travelling on the environment. One of the things I wrote about was holiday shopping both before and during a holiday; vintage shopping can be a great way to substitute this activity. 

When I went to Barcelona not too long ago - vintage shopping was something I was really looking forward to doing. I thought I would share the best places I found for Vintage shopping in the city - all just off the La Rambla near the market. 

We trundled around a number of these shops on the street Carrer de l'Hospital, the left turn before the market if you are coming from the sea. There are plenty of little vintage shops around this area - load more if you continue down the little streets north into the centre of the city.

Down these alleys, we found kilo shops and vintage wholesaler - selling similar clothes to what you would see back home. There was a huge variety to choose from and something for everyone as most of the shops were huge!

The prices from what I could see are typical of a major city, which is maybe why I only bought a phone case as I did the holiday on a budget and couldn't afford to spend lots of money on clothes. However, if you love thrifting and have the money to spend and the space in your luggage this is an amazing place to shop for special unique clothing!

Vintage shopping in Barcelona was good as expected although I was surprised by how expensive it was. I feel like this is always a common misconception when brits go abroad. We always think Europe is cheap - but not when it comes to clothing!

 If you are going to Barcelona and have some time to have a walk around I think this area is really good to get away from the main tourist traps and do something a little bit different. Although I complain about the price there were some good bargains - I am just old enough to remember the 20p bin in Oxfam...

Top Sustainable Fashion Brands For Men - 27 Ethical Brands

Now, this is not my usual type of blog post as I usually write about products for women. However, I feel like there is a bit of a lack of resources out there for men who want to shop more ethically. Ethical clothing for men is actually quite a big market and, once I did a little digging, I found that there is quite a good range of styles and brands out there for men.

So often with ethical fashion men seem to be left out of the conversation, but I understand that is for obvious reasons. Women's fashion is a bigger market and most people in the industry are women. However, I don't think that is a reason to ignore the big contribution men make to the industry or their role in ethical fashion.

(side note, I do feel like ethical fashion on a personal level is more important for men to protect their hormone levels from the phytoestrogens in plastic clothes that can damage sperm counts)

So please see below my list of the top men's ethical fashion brands!

1.Whale of a time

2. True woods

3. Two thirds

4. All birds

5. People tree

6. Patagonia

7. Monkey Jeans

8. Organic basics

9. Bamboo Clothing

10 outerknown

11. nudiejeans

12. naadam

13. veja-store

14. wearpact

15. everlane

16. finisterre

17. thought

18. rapanuiclothing

19. absolutelybear

20. howies

21. thewhitetshirt

22. knowledgecottonapparel

23. brotherswestand

24. outdoorvoices

25. bombas

26. unitedbyblue

27. Fjallraven

High quality organic skincare - Alteya Organics

I have been fortunate enough recently to try some of the beautiful organic beauty products from the brand Alteya Organics. Based in Bulgaria, Alteya grows, harvests and distils some of the worlds finest organic roses and lavender. These stunning essential oils then go to create their beautiful beauty products which are used the world over.

All the roses are picked by hand and Alteya employs 50 people at their rose fields in Bulgaria to help do this full time and 400 families in the harvest season. They then distil the rose petals on-site to make beautiful essential oils and organic beauty products.

All of their products have high-quality organic ingredients that make your skin feel amazing.
One of the products I tried was the Rose Jasminium Illuminating and perfecting serum which is made with natural ingredients and certified organic! 

The organic certification is really important to me as it is one of the highest and best certifications of quality you can get. The organic certification ensures that the soils the plants the farmers and the bees and other pollinators healthy and are all protected. It also ensures that you get the best quality end product for your skin. 

When you use these high-quality ingredients you can see and feel the result in the end product and you definitely can in the Illuminating serum! It can be worn under moisturiser or on its own - which I did as I then put my foundation on top.

I loved this product! I always like to go for Illuminating serums as I feel like my skin gets so dull when I am tired from work and run down. I also get bad dry skin so this formula was perfect! I usually use an illuminating serum which you will have seen in my previous blog posts - but with that, you really do need a moisturiser! As this is a cream formulation I enjoyed wearing it on its own and I found it moisturising and hydrating as well as Illuminating. 

One of the things I liked best about this serum, however, is the smell! I know it shouldn't be top of my list but the smell is really important to me in a product asI hate putting things on my face that smell like chemicals. The Illuminating serum smells beautiful. The rose smell is so strong and fresh it is amazing - I am not even sure if I have ever smelt anything so floral in my life! 

I would recommend most of the products from Alteya, as good organic beauty options to anyone. Their products are wonderful and the company and their ethos really stand out to me - they are family owned and employ local people who have worked with them for years something not often found nowadays. 

Feel free to look at the Alteya Organics website and make sure you read my blog post on their facial sun protection HERE.

5 things I'm doing for a plastic free July

This year I decided to take part in #plasticfreejuly ! So if you are looking for some inspiration and to get involved feel free to take some inspo from my little list!

1. Using my new tea strainer!

2. Switching to only LUX period products 

3. Only buying clothes made from natural fibres or recycled plastic (like those from Organic Basics don't forget to use my code ELFIEOB for 10% your order!) 

4. Taking pack lunches instead of buying food in every day at work

5. Using only biodegradable face wipes like those in the go full circle packs or my fave Faith in Nature ones!

Organic period products and why they are important with LUX Store Organics!

I never even really considered what period products were made out of. Seems strange but I never thought about it until I got to try some of LUX Store Organics products recently.

LUX is an organic period product company that was founded by a husband and wife team dedicated to tackling the problems of plastic pollution environmental degradation and adverse effects that these bring to human health. 

Their goals are:

– Great health for our customers

– Greatly reduced impact to our planet, through bio-degradable products

– Sustainable farming and manufacturing practices through a subscription model

I knew about the dangers of not using organic period products (increased risk of toxic shock); but what I never knew was the high levels of plastic polymers that were in my intimate products. The plastic can mean that they can take 1000 years to break down meaning they will outlive me!

I was able to try both the day and the night pads to see if I like them and what I thought. I have to say I was slightly sceptical if I would notice a difference between them and my always ultra 

After a month or so, however, I am pleased to say that I can guarantee you will notice positive changes with these if like me you suffer from irritation and sensitive skin! I really liked both day and night pads and found them so comfy and soft. I have such sensitive skin (yes I know I keep going on about it haha) so many things can cause irritation but I didn't get that at all with these. You can tell they are high quality when you get them out and I love that they open quietly as well...(we all know why  girls!)

I was really pleased with these more than I expected to be. I also thought although they are a lot more expensive than cheaper brands you get a large pack so depending on your usage one box could last two months. 

The pads are made from 100%  organic, cotton which is hypoallergenic and the pack and its contents are bio-degradable with a year of being disposed of. They are also free from Synthetic Polymers , Rayon , Fragrances, Deodorants, Chlorine, Artificial Dyes,  Chlorine processing all of which may cause you irritation. 

Make sure you have a look at their website HERE and see both of their lovely products!

The Importance of Organic Skincare and Sun protection - With Alteya Organics

As some of you may know if you follow me on my Instagram I was recently in Southern Italy. A bit of a change from my usual environment to say the least! 

Taking care of our skin is so important day today but it is especially important when we go on holiday to hotter countries to take care of our skin. I am not always the best at this and often forget to put suncream on ending up with a red nose or odd straplines a screaming signal to the locals that I am British! 

There has also been a lot of talk in environmental circles about the dangers associated with a lot of sunscreens that are being used and the chemicals that are in them. (Let me know if you would like a full blog post on this).

I personally moved last year to only using sun protection that was natural as my concerns grew about what was in some of the other products on the market. It was lovely this year to then be able to try out an organic suncream on my holiday from Alteya Organics. I wanted to try this as, mainly, it is a natural organic suncream for your face which is always the area I struggle with the most when I go on holiday. 

Alteya Organics was founded in 1999 in Bulgaria as a family business and was born out of their family tradition to care for roses. This is something that I love, as family businesses are quite hard to find these days and that entrepreneurial spirit seems to become somewhat lost when a brand sells up to a larger conglomerate. 

The suncream is lightweight and protects your skin while combatting the signs of ageing. The product can also be used as a lightweight day lotion for your face without leaving a thick sticky finish so you can also choose to wear under makeup (which I did). It also contains Acai and Sea buckthorn to sooth and enriches skin - while also acting as a source of antioxidants.

I enjoyed wearing this on holiday as I felt like it was moisturising as well as protecting my skin. My skin always goes really dry and tight in the heat and as the temperature rose to 33 degrees my skin did start to get painful. It was nice to have this to hand and provided some relief and protection for my delicate pale skin.

Click here to visit Alteyas site and buy the suncream or click here to read my post on what organic means and why it is important. 

The Eco Survival Kit that is Perfect for Festivals this Summer - Cruelty free and vegan

We all know that familiar dread of the festival shower, is there anything grosser? The bathrooms at festivals can be very dirty places - and also very wasteful.

A new company called full circle is aiming to tackle the problems of festival showers and the waste that is often left behind after. The beauty of these 'festival kits' is that they have everything you need in them for a muddy weekend. They are waterless so you don't need to brave the shower, the products are eco-friendly and you are supporting a charity with every purchase!

The reusable bag you get includes essential products you require to stay fresh and clean including:
  • Unisex antiperspirant in a recyclable aluminium can
  • Fresh Mint toothpaste in a zero-waste reusable aluminium pot
  • Biodegradable bamboo toothbrush
  • Alcohol hand gel in a zero-waste reusable aluminium bottle
  • No-rinse body wash in a zero-waste reusable aluminium bottle
  • Tropical dry shampoo in a recyclable aluminium can
  • Plastic-free biodegradable face-wipes
  • Biodegradable eco-towel
  • 100% recycled Eco-leaf toilet paper
I was recently kindly gifted one of these kits to try out - and although I had the intention of taking it to a festival with me I couldn't wait that long!

I ended up bringing my kit in my luggage on holiday instead of buying minis - another way I thought to stay eco -friendly on my travels! I found these really useful while I was away, keeping me clean and dry. The toothbrush was really good along with the little pot of toothpaste and I felt like it kept my mouth fresh. I also really loved the eco-friendly dry shampoo which was really useful as I hate washing my hair on holiday!

All of the products are a good size and I am hoping to take them with me to the Big Green in a few weeks!

Most of our products are sustainably sourced and from natural ingredients, all made in the UK, non-animal tested and vegan-friendly, they are either reusable, biodegradable or recyclable which is great for the environment.

For more information or to get your own pack click festival hygiene pack.

Why are bees dying out? What is killing the bees...

The bees are dying out. Quickly, in under 100 years, their numbers have plummeted which is bad news not only for bees but for us as well. Bees pollinate about one-third of all the food we eat meaning the death of the bees will result in either a loss of this food for us/or prices for food to skyrocket. The death of bee populations will also have massive effects of the world's biodiversity in terms of flowers, plants and other animals that depend on them.

I've laid out in simple terms below the top reasons I think bees are dying, however, all is not lost some simple things that you can do to help bees are eat and purchase organic products and plant lots of flowers wherever you can!

"According to a recent UN report, more than 70 of the 100 crops that provide 90 percent of the world's food rely on bees for pollination. Managed honey bees remain the most economically important pollinator, contributing over $19 billion annually to the U.S. economy."

1. One of the biggest problems for bee populations is the use of pesticides that have skyrocketed since the '40s. Neonicotinoid (similar to nicotien) 24% of the global pesticide market pesticides have emerged as one of the biggest problems for bees; often a very high dose of pesticide will be added to a plant which can result in the immediate death of a bee who tries to help pollinate the plant. However, if the dose is lower, then this can still result in a lot of long term problems for bees including the following:

  • Compromised immune response
  • Shortened adult life cycles
  • Impaired memory and learning
  • Reduced social communication (reduces foraging efficacy)
  • Disorientation, which also impairs foraging
  • Delayed larval development and disrupted brood cycle
  • “Gut” microbe disruption, leading to malnutrition

2. Habitat loss

With more and more of the world surface being taken up with human activities, that leaves less space for nature. Farming and the rise of large urban areas has led to less space being available for plants and flowers that bees need to feed on. This is a big problem for bees not only due to the lack of food and habitat available to make their homes but also as it means travelling longer and longer distances from the hive for food.

3. Monocultures

 The two last revolutions in farming have allowed us to produce huge amounts of food that we now waste. In order for farmers to produce large amounts of food, they must operate under certain types of farming systems if they are to keep up with demand and get contracts. This has resulted in poor nutrition for bees as biodiversity has been destroyed with the large monoculture systems that now dominate much of the world's agriculture.

4. Parasites 

Mites that live in the tracheas of honey bees are causing distress and suffocate the bees. These mites are having devastating effects on already weakened hives.  

I know this is a little different from my usual content but I wanted to raise awareness about this important issue. Bees dying out will have huge implications on our food systems and impact not only fruit and veg but milk and meat production as well.

Please leave a comment below if I have missed something or if you are interested in posts like this in the future.

Inika Organic - Organic Cruelty free beauty Review

Today I wanted to give my opinion on a quite popular organic and cruelty-free make up brand. I hope that this is helpful for anyone who is thinking about starting their green beauty journey or someone who is thinking about buying something from Inika.

The products I am going to be sharing my thoughts are:

Inkia long lash mascara 
Inkia Loose mineral blush in blooming nude
Inika organic black eyeliner
Inika organic lip liner in Dusty Rose
Inika organic lip liner in Moroccan rose

I feel like Inika is a very underrated organic make up brand who don't get nearly the credit they deserve. They are quite difficult to get hold of here in the UK, so I thought I would write a review so people can know my honest thoughts before they buy. 

I first discovered Inika when I started wearing more 'green' makeup and exploring cruelty-free brands. However, something I think is brilliant is that all their products are also organic. I didn't really think much about this at first, but as shopping organic has become more of a big part of my life, I have realised the importance of buying organic products. 

The first thing I ever tried was a blush that I was sent in my Love Lula box and wasn't that obsessed with. I am not a fan of powders as I find them drying on my skin and difficult to apply, however when I apply this with a wet brush I get a lovely smooth finish. The colour is quite good for me with brown/orange undertones which are subtle on my pale skin.

After this, I decided to try a few more products from Inkia, and so far I have been very happy. I saw their demonstrations on Instagram of the long lash mascara and I knew I needed it in my life! I have also tried the liquid liner and the lip liners all which I have been very happy with.

The only drawback is they smudge quite easily which I think you always find with more natural products. I would love to try their foundation next and see if that is a good match for my skin as I have found it hard to find a nice organic foundation that works well for me. 

Overall I would recommend to anyone who is just starting to shop more ethically to try makeup from Inika you won't be disappointed!

Read my full review of their mascara HERE!

Underprotection - Ethical Sustainable Underwear Review

Since deciding to shop slow fashion I have a confession... this has not extended to my underwear. I have been trying to just use what I have and haven't bought as much as I used to, but still. The main reason for this is purely expense! Ethical underwear companies are so damn expensive (not to mention often quite plain and boring).

I finally took the plunge however when I found out Underprotection were having a sale! They are probably my favourite brand of sustainable underwear, because of the attention to style and design; they create feminine pieces that make you feel special to wear them. In my opinion, this is what pretty underwear is for... it's not about impressing a man!

I had a scroll and I decided to purchase the Roberta bra and knickers in nude, the Heather bra in black and the Vanessa bikini. These were on sale, however, altogether still cost around £120.00 plus about £12.00 delivery from Denmark which I thought was quite expensive.

When everything came I was so looking forward to unwrapping my package. I was so excited! Everything I bought was so stunning I couldn't wait to get it out and wear it.

I loved every piece that I bought from Underprotection, mainly for the aesthetic. They are all stunning and you can tell the designs and collections have been well thought out. The bikini is a particular favourite and if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen this making an appearance! I like the other two bras but feel like they can only be worn with certain outfits and sit a bit lumpy under t-shirts. I have also had a slight issue with the stitching quality on the heather bra as it has started to come apart after two wears which I wouldn't expect. I love the print on the Roberta bran and knickers I think it is stunning and would have bought the PJs and dressing gown if I could!

On the website Underprotection say

'We only use sustainable materials such as recycled polyester, recycled wool, lyocell and organic cotton. All our packaging, paper and polybags are either recycled or biodegradable. Most of our products are vegan approved, and if not, it is because it is recycled (wool) or a waste resource (milk). Fair working conditions and a fair wage is a human right. Therefore, we only work with certified factories.
We love women, all kinds, all sizes, and our goal is to make you feel as beautiful and comfortable as possible.'
Overall I would shop from Underprotection again and I think they make such stunning underwear regardless of if you are into slow fashion I would definitely check them out!

Top 10 Ethical and Cruelty-Free Products for Men

I never see any cruelty free and organic blog posts aimed at men! So I thought I would write one for all the men out there who want high-quality ethical men's grooming products! Some of these I know has been tried and tested and are good others are just good ethical brands who I know do high-quality products.

If you can't find what you are looking for here and you are looking for any ethical mens bath/hair products I would recommend having a look at Love Lula as they have an extensive men's section!

1.Seascape Island Apothecary Homme (Men's) Daily Moisturiser 100ml

Sukin For Men Facial Scrub 125ml

3. Weleda Men 24h Roll-On Deodorant 50ml

Weleda Men 24h Roll-On Deodorant

4.Green People Organic Homme Soothing Shaving Gel 100ml

Green People Cooling Shaving Gel 125ml

5. John Masters Organics Hair Paste 57g

John masters organics hair paste 57gJohn Masters Organics Hair Paste 57g


Old Faithful - Shave Oil 1

7. The Handmade Soap Company Real Man’s Soap 160g

The Handmade Soap Company Real Man’s Soap 160g

8. Lush Shaving cream - Prince

9. Original Bamboo Razor

Original Bamboo Razor

10. Eco Razor kit 

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Keep in touch here to see all my latest news and posts!

Lavera Cruelty Free and Vegan Toothpaste Review

If you follow my blog and Instagram you will know I am a fan of Lavara products. They are the answer to the age-old complaint that cruelty-free and organic beauty is too expensive!

Made in Germany, Lavera make high quality organic, vegan beauty products and yes they are also cruelty-free! They are one of my favourite brands on the green beauty scene, so when I got a chance to try out their new organic toothpaste I was intrigued! One of the areas I have found really hard to find good ethical alternatives is my toothpaste and toothbrush!

This whitening toothpaste is made with bamboo cellulose and whitens teeth gently without damaging the enamel. It is organic, vegan and free from microplastics making it one of the most ethical toothpaste on the market!

I used this toothpaste for over a month and I used it instead of my usual whitening toothpaste. I always used whitening toothpaste as I am quite conscious of my teeth being stained as I drink so much coffee. So far I have been really happy with the results from using this organic toothpaste, I was slightly sceptical as often natural products don't work as well. However, I would say this outperformed my usual brand and left my mouth feeling really clean and fresh!

I was quite pleased to learn that this toothpaste also doesn't cost a bomb and I will definitely be buying this for myself! If you are considering an easy green switch this item is for you, it tastes and feels like normal toothpaste as opposed to other 'green' alternatives like Lushes toothy tabs which are a bit odd to get used to. 

If you have tried any other Lavera products make sure that you let me know below!