Top 5 Cruelty- Free lux gifts for Christmas

If you are looking for a special gift for that cruelty-free person in your life then look no further! These are some special little luxury gifts that were made without animal testing and are sure to go down well!

1. Hourglass

2. Sunday Riley

3. Charlotte tilbury

4. Marhelena

5. Rahua

Winter clothing brands - Slow fashion edit

As you all love my secret slow fashion brands that I seem to stumble upon, I thought I would make a new one for Winter. All of these brands for me encapsulate classic British style and although they are not all traditionally 'slow fashion' I included them as they make very classic clothing.

This is because when you are looking for slow fashion finds it's important to think about how long the style will last. Some lovely slow fashion brands (people tree) make very ethical clothing with organic cotton and fairly traded; however, a lot of their designs and styles are quite difficult to wear and age easily. For this, I picked designs and styles that would be wearable for the next 10 years...
 I hope you all enjoy!

1. True woods clothing
 Made in Germany they have a very traditional style which I love. Think American cabin dweller meets British horse rider... More on the pricey side they are 100% organic cotton and they plant a tree for every item sold! Also there is a page on their website about local production but I cant seem to see any content...

2. Harris Rae
 Made in Great Britain they may not advertise as slow fashion but I do love to support a British Brand. They create very classic country clothing that will last you through many seasons to come, one of my faves are pictured below.

3. Ivy and Rigg
A fairly new clothing company they promote their recycled t-shirts and sweats positioning themselves a slow fashion brand. They do some good basics and are reasonably priced!
4. Peregrine

Also made in Britain I included this brand as they create a lot of timeless pieces. They have some pretty snug roll necks too if you are looking for one to see you through till spring.

5. Whale of a time clothing
I first fell in love with this brad quite a while ago and I love their preppy nortical style. It wasn't till recently though that I noticed they are now positioning themselves as a slow fashion brand with recycled and organic fabrics.

6. Patagonia
Need I sat more? Outdoorsy, loved by millions I will never get over their black Friday don't buy this jacket campaign it was marketing gold.

7. Highborn and Hardwicke
 Stunning clothes and I am pleased to see more and more 'country' brands positioning themselves as slow fashion. In my mind it only makes sense...  organic, recycled and fair trade what more do you need. All the t-shirts, basic polo's, sweatshirts and hoodies are organic or recycled.

8. Two Thirds
I've gone on and on about them but I thought I would bring it up again. So here they are. I like that they make very small runs of designs and many of them are made in Portugal to order.

The ordinary - Cruelty free review

Last on the bandwagon as usual! I haven't written much about being cruelty-free at the moment but that is just because I got a bit sick of it all. I never stopped it but I think you just get tired of talking about the same thing over and over. However, I have been much more enthused over the last week and have quite a few Cruelty-free products I want to share with you all!

Anyway, I finally got round to trying out some stuff from The ordinary that I have wanted to try for years. I decided to try the Retinol 1% and the Hyaluronic Acid and this is what I thought:

Firstly I have tried many different Hyaluronic Acids in the past and this is definitely the cheapest I have ever bought. The formula is very thick and since I bought it I have been using it morning and night. TBF it is cheap, but as a formula I am not overly impressed with it. It doesn't sit well under my make up so I can't wear it in the morning and I haven't noticed much of a difference in my skin compared to my last serum the Active naturals one I have spoke bout before. This one contains B5 which I like and I understand the appeal but would not buy again.

Retinol I have never tried before and I tried the 1% in Squalane. This one... the jury is still out on but I think although I like the light formula I still can't see much of a difference to my skin. I tried this after my HA and I was a bit more impressed with the results than using either of them on their own so you may want to buy a couple of things together. I know that is more of the idea with the ordinary but it does make the price go up quite a bit and I think I may just stick to m old ones from Amazon.

Top tip* I bought both full from Depop for less as I wanted to try them out! If you are not sure this is a good potion to get them for less!

My experience having my eyebrows microbladed - Microblading Review

The beauty world is now obsessed with eyebrows with the UK now spending well over £20 million a year on brow products (£20 million in sales was hit in 2015).

Although I've admired this obsession with thick brows from afar I hate to say that all the brow products I've bough have ended up being unused. Regardless of what I buy I have always found drawing on my brows very difficult and getting them even impossible.

This is where Microblading came in. I never really understood what it was at first and often mistook it for HD Brows. After years of having shit eyebrows I decided to do some investigation and see if there was anything out there suitable for me. HD Brows were too expensive and as a forgetful person I new upkeep would be a nightmare. I decided to try Microblading and looked for somewhere near to where I lived and follow them on IG so I could see their past work.

It wasn't long before I had booked in and had my first consultation. I was informed it would take two appointments both which would last approx 3 hr.

On the day of my first appointment I was pretty nervous as I knew it would be painful as the process involves tattooing the top layers of your skin. This is done by slicing the skin to represent hair strokes (with a small curved blade) and then having the ink rubbed in to the area.

The first hour or so involved having my scull measured and and my eyebrows drawn on symmetrically how they should be to compliment my face shape. After this my eyebrows were plucked to make way for my new hairs, this process differs for different people as obviously you try to retain as much hair as possible. 

Then the process of making the slices starts and my god it is painful. You get numbing cream and gel but I still had to have a rest half way through and sneezed about 6 times. It basically feels like having a tattoo on your face. The lady doing my brows was fairly quick to minimize my pain and all in all its painful for about 30 mins. 

The last step in the process was rubbing the ink in with a bespoke pigment to match your skin tone .. which also hurt a lot...

Afterwards I was given a care kit which had shampoo and papanthem to help the healing process. You are advised to not get them wet for a while which I found quite hard and refrain from touching them.

I know some people found the healing process not very nice but I didn't mind too much and I felt that after two days mine healed quite well. I didn't get much of a milk skin and although I was initially shocked and how heavy and block-y they looked this goes after two days.

The second appointment is just to go over anything that has faded. Mine did a fair bit as I have oily skin, which is good for healing but not good for retaining pigment. It hurt slightly less the second time and was over quicker which was good.

Over all I was  happy with the result and I think I will keep it up. It lasts for two years but it is recommended that you have a touch up after 1 year which I will have. 

I would defiantly recommend this process to anyone who wants low maintenance well groomed natural looking brows. 

Let me know if you have any more questions in the comments!