Depop haul! Sustainable fashion edit

Hello! I did promise a recent Depop haul of what I've been updating my wardrobe with so here it is! I've been looking more at building a cohesive wardrobe, something that makes it easy to put outfits together and will update my look. This is the first of many of my Depop hauls adding in basics to my wardrobe but look out for the next one which will be on building it up with staple pieces and finding my style!

Green Eco Box - Green Beauty box review

Now, as it is 2018 most of us have dabbled in the world of beauty boxes and as the ethical and cruelty-free market has expanded, there has been plenty of options for vegan/cruelty-free consumers. However, some still leave much to be desired in the way of ethical consumerism; even cruelty-free boxes come in plastic packaging and aside from the cruelty-free aspect are not much different from other beauty boxes out there.

That being said, I was pleasantly surprised when I received my beauty box from Green Eco Box as the sheer attention to detail and consideration put into its creation. When you first open the box, the first thing you see is some pretty standard pieces of paper detailing what is inside. I was pleasantly surprised, however, to see the first thing to catch my eye (detailing what the charity box supports) was actually made from seed paper! I have heard about this a few times but I've never actually seen it for myself and think its such a sweet idea! I will have to find a spot to plant it! You also receive a one tree planted certificate, which I also think is a nice concept.

From every box sold 3 euros go to the WWF and a tree is planted with each purchase. The thinking behind the box, is that you can discover artisans boutique style beauty products, while also doing some good for the environment which I think is great!

In the box, there are four large products and then some bits and bobs like organic teas and choccy. The first product that caught my eye was a soap by Dessine -moi-un-savon, mainly due to the bold packaging. I read in the pamphlet that comes with the box that this is a vegan, palm oil free soap without and nasty parables silicons etc. The smell is really strong on this and it smells like a strong soapy smell if that makes sense... I think I will use it but the smell was a bit too strong and soapy for me!

The next thing I pulled out was a shampoo bar by Savonnerire Aubergine, which I was very happy about as I have been really disappointed with the last one I got from Lush. I tried this one straight away and it was quite nice on my hair. It cleans well and there is no scent but the main thing for me is that the ingredients are all natural which is perfect for me! This left my hair beautifully clean! 

I have also already tried the Jung and Schon cleansing milk. This is by far my favourite product and is really nice on my skin. I have very combination skin so finding a cleanser of any sort, that is soft enough without being drying is quite hard; but I was really happy with this is kept my face really smooth.

The last beauty product is a bath melt by Autour du Bain and I can't wait to use it as soon as I can find a bath, as I don't think my frogs would appreciate me using it in the pond! It smells really strongly of cranberry's which I love, and has beautiful natural ingredients too!

All in all, I love the concept of the box and that they support small artisan brands. It is so clear that a lot of thought has gone into every aspect of its creation and that they are really passionate about the environment which I love. However, I do think the guide is difficult to read and it is on the pricier end of subscription boxes. But that being said you don't have to get one every month and they can make a really nice gift for the vegan/environmentalist in your life that leaves you feeling perplexed at every celebration. It is s easy to make meaningless purchases and buy into an idea that we need products that we just don't, it is wonderful to see brands taking responsibility to be conscious and help all of us engage with what we are buying.

My top 21 Green beauty brands - cruelty free, vegan and organic beauty!

As I am slowly making the transition from cruelty free beauty to green beauty I've been a lot more focused on ingredients and much smaller brands. If like me you are getting more involved in the world of green beauty, I'm sure you will appreciate my list of green beauty brands!

1. 100% Pure

One of the most popular natural beauty brands they are known for their use of fruit and vegetable dyes as pigments. Slightly expensive and difficult to get in the UK as far as I know, but they are a  really good quality vegan and cruelty free brand.

2. Inika

An Australian brand they are classy and aimed a higher end consumer which is slightly reflected in their price tag. Organic vegan and cruelty free they are best known for their mascara and I have loved every product I've tried of theirs.

3. Dr Hauschka

They are a classic old timer green beauty brand they have been around for donkeys years and are well respected! Their branding and packaging has got a bit better in recent years and they make a beautiful range of products. Their lip liners are the best natural ones I've tried!

4. Red apple lipstick

Made in the USA, these lipsticks are really popular due to their stunning pigments and cruelty free and vegan status. They are also free from allergens and irritants. 

5. Lavera

More on the cheap and cheerful end of the green beauty spectrum they make organic products without synthetics that are cruelty free. I'm not sure if everything is vegan, but they are a great brand to start your green beauty journey with as I did! Based in Germany they are a global brand and fairly cheap in the green beauty world with mascara that will set you back only  £12.00.

6. Lush

I've not tried much make up from Lush but I feel like they have gone down hill in may ways recently. However, they are expanding their make up range and can be found on many high streets. Cruelty free and some vegan but they do use things like SLS so I would check the label.

7. Lilly Lolo

A British brand they are easy to get hold of and fairly well known. Vegan and cruelty free they are also very reasonably priced!

8. PHB Beauty

PHB Beauty are quite a small but longstanding British beauty company who are family run. They operate ethical business practises and create beautiful vegan natural and cruelty free make up. 

9. Pacifica

Pacifica are quite big and popular in the green beauty community; originally from the USA you can get hold of it easily in most country's. They are natural vegan and cruelty free aimed more at younger women, with a mid range price tag. 

10. Ere Perez

Beautiful minimalist branding which I wish they would do more with, they are cruelty free with some amazing ingredients and some of the best eye pallets on the market! 

11. RMS

Longstanding and a bit more pricey RMS were created by Rosie Marie Swift and are organic. 

12. Joik

Beautiful products, they are cruelty free and mainly vegan, but as with all of these I would check each product.

13. Neek

Organic and cruelty free brand that are from Australia.

14. Lippy girl

More of a punky cruelty free and green beauty brand, they use some brill organic and vegan ingredients but have a much wider range of colors than others on this list! Use code FIRSTTIME to get 10% off

15. Odylique

Aimed at a more middle aged customer, they are very pure and organic, mainly focusing on beauty not just make up ...

16. Yverum

Some products, but they do refillable containers yey! Originally from Germany they are cruelty free..their logo does look like a vagina though... ha ha.

17. Living Nature

Natural and organic products mainly lipsticks, they are free from synthetics and made in New Zeland!

18. Anitpodes

Natural and cruelty free, their products are not vegan but they are organic. Difficult to get hold of depending on where you are.

19. Mirror and make up

Yey another British brand! They use natural products and are quite well priced for green beauty!

20. Benecos

Natural organic ad doesn't break the bank! Branding could be better and I wish they were refillable! More aimed at millennial I would say..

21. Hiro

One of the best are last! Excellent branding and refillable pallets! They are also natural vegan cruelty-free non GMO =excellent.

For a long time I have had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to transition to 'green' make up. Although I've been buying exclusively cruelty-free products for a while it still concerns me how the chemicals in make up effect my skin. This is why I've been buying products from the companies above in an effort to protect and take care of my skin and my health