Fashion Revolution week

This week is Fashion Revolution week and because of this, I will be posting a blog post every day, as my way of contributing to the movement and promoting slow fashion.

Fashion revolution is the creation of Carry Somers and Orsola de Castro and was brought about as a reaction to the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh. The aim is to raise awareness of the problems and damage that fast fashion causes; it is also to encourage people to think about their clothing purchases and divert funds from an ultimately corrupt system.

Read the manifesto HERE.

The main concern for me personally is the damaging effect that the fashion industry has on the environment specifically; this was the reason that inspired me to get involved and ask the question, who made my clothes?

Asking the question who made my clothes is a way of pressuring the industry and demanding more transparency; this, in turn, will help reveal the structures that are in place and open up the fashion industry so people can see what is really going on.

Hope you guys all enjoy my Fashion Revolution week posts and it inspires you to ask the question, who made my clothes?

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