What I've been thrifting recently - Ethical work-wear haul

I tried to have a break from thrifting as my wardrobe is getting quite full! But I went again and picked up some amazing bits for work and cocktails that I really wanted to share with you all. I feel like sometimes there is a stigma surrounding shopping second hand that only people who look and dress a certain way should do it, but I wanted to show with the recent items I've got just how untrue that is! There is so much amazing stuff in charity shops, for everyone, for every occasion.

I love shopping for things second hand I think its the best and most ethical way to shop. It also saves me money which is important as well, many people myself included work so hard for their money why fritter it away when you can save loads and give to charities at the same time? I really hope that this 'haul' shows just how varied the clothes in second-hand shops can be and how much amazing workwear and 'smart-casual' clothes you can find! Let me know what you have all been thrifting lately and your best finds!

The first thing I found was a blue mesh french connection shirt that is quite boxy and stiff.  This caught my eye because it's French connection and good quality but it is a little on the big side so I have considered selling it on. I also found a cream dress from French Connection which I love and is perfect for work! I found this in Oxfam and I wasn't too sure but when I tried it on I could see how much tailoring there is on this piece and I had to get it! I definitely feel like this is a work dress not a cocktail dress and it has quite limited wearability but I still feel like it will fit well in my wardrobe.

I also found a blue dress in dogs trust that is from Jager, perfect for work! It is such good quality I couldn't pass it up as a new wardrobe addition. I also found a Ralph Lauren silk shirt in a dark gray/blue, I do often look for good quality brands because then I know they will last me a long time.

I also picked up two smart jackets, one was an old blue riding jacket which is really special. The other is a long pink duster coat with a silky pink lining; both I found in a vintage shop I love mixing vintage pieces with designer pieces and thrifted finds I feel like it gives outfits a more unique look.

I love thrift shopping and updating my wardrobe, I feel like secondhand shops are the loophole of ethical fashion. Let me know what you have all been thrifting!!


Unknown said...

These are lovely finds, especially that lovely light trench/long jacket i love it and the color is very pretty! Well done girl! ;)
Melodie | http://happymelodie.com/

Ethical Bunny said...

Thank you :) aww i do love them, I just wanted to show just how varied the tings in charity shops are :) xxx

arcturus said...

I love the cream dress, so classy! I am interested to know what you will do now as your wardrobe is getting so full? When does this become hoarding??