How to always look stylish on a budget - Ethical fashion edition

It can be difficult growing up in a society where your worth as a person is directly linked to how you look and what you buy. We are all constantly bombarded with images of products we don't need but are told will make us better, more attractive and will solve lifes problems for us. If only we had this hair/outfit/car maybe people would like us more and our problems would go away, right? Wrong, learning to feel happy in your own skin without the need to buy things can be really hard but its the best way to develop your sense of self-worth again. We are enough on our own without all of these clothes shoes bags and cars.

Many people including myself don't have the money to keep spending on keeping up with trends and new styles; this is why I put together a little guide on how I've tried to build a stylish high-quality wardrobe for next to nothing. I got these ideas from reading and watching a lot of information on style and capsule wardrobes and how to put outfits together. I have been trying this the last few months with my own wardrobe and it seems to have worked quite well.

(Some may disagree.. but I think there have defiantly been improvements!)

The first thing to do I feel is assessing what you already have and go through everything in your wardrobe. Look at the colour and style of each item and decide if you really want them or not; if you don't want something try and sell it on Depop or eBay to get some money back but if it is beyond selling then take it to a charity shop.  Once you have cleared everything out you will be able to see the gaps in your wardrobe and what items you actually really need.

I did this by dividing what was left into a basics pile and a signature pile. Everything in the basics pile was, for example, jeans, white or black t-shirts, vest tops leather jackets etc. This is a really helpful way of seeing what you have if there are any gaps in your wardrobe and if you have the basics you need to build outfits.

With basics, I always think it is important to make sure whatever your style that you have the essentials. Essentials, however, are different for different people but the most important thing is that they are good quality natural fabrics and very plain. This, I have found, helps when you are building outfits to make sure you can create the desired look. It's also important to all basics that they fit really well; try all your basics on and see which ones fit and what can be altered. Everything that doesn't fit you can donate or sell on Depop. Once you have your basics sorted you can identify any gaps and the write down what  you would like that is missing. All basics should work  the colours white/black/Gray/denim; these can then be put with other things to build outfits. For me I'm trying to stick to 30 items but I know other people use 10 or 15 in more of a capsule wardrobe.

For me this is where the biggest gaps in my wardrobe are, I have an awful habit of buying garish signature pieces or random vintage items but no basics. I think it's easy to get caught up in styles and not focus on the longevity of an item. For me this is the area that really needs building and adding to to make the most of the rest of my wardrobe.

To get a wardrobe with really good high quality basics I think the best thing you can do is look on Depop or Vestier collective. There, it is easy to find good quality items at a fraction of the price. Although designers and high-end clothes aren't always better i feel like 7/10 they are; that's why personally I would recommend looking for clothes that are a bit more expensive but you know they will be made well from a high quality fabric. High street brands will usually be a poor quality, poor cut with poor design. For example, instead of looking for a black jumper on Depop from New Look or InTheStyle, look for one from French Connection, Joules, &Otherstories or All Saints.

My next tip for building up basics and looking stylish on a budget is always buy basics in a high quality fabric. Cashmere, Silk or organic cotton if you want to dress well you need quality fabrics. In my mind it is irrelevant where a silk shirt comes from, but you can always tell a silk shirt from a polyester one.

The cut of something is also really really important! For some reason in the last decade cut has become irrelevant, but I grew up in the era or Trinny and Susanna and for me they are still my go-to people when I'm considering buying a new item. Following some of their simple rules can up your style game completely; work out what your body shape is and remember their rules when making new purchases!

Lastly, I think learning how to put an outfit together well is one of the things that can take your style to a whole new level. This is one of the biggest things I struggle with just knowing what goes with what and putting outfits together well! Things that have helped me A LOT are Pintrest, Trinny and Suzanna and watching YouTube videos on style (my favourite ones are by Justine Leconte officiel.)

I hope you all enjoyed my post, I'm not saying that I always look good and I am defiantly still working on my wardrobe but I just wanted to share what has been working for me recently :)

Top 5 Cruelty- Free lux gifts for Christmas

If you are looking for a special gift for that cruelty-free person in your life then look no further! These are some special little luxury gifts that were made without animal testing and are sure to go down well!

1. Hourglass

2. Sunday Riley

3. Charlotte tilbury

4. Marhelena

5. Rahua

Winter clothing brands - Slow fashion edit

As you all love my secret slow fashion brands that I seem to stumble upon, I thought I would make a new one for Winter. All of these brands for me encapsulate classic British style and although they are not all traditionally 'slow fashion' I included them as they make very classic clothing.

This is because when you are looking for slow fashion finds it's important to think about how long the style will last. Some lovely slow fashion brands (people tree) make very ethical clothing with organic cotton and fairly traded; however, a lot of their designs and styles are quite difficult to wear and age easily. For this, I picked designs and styles that would be wearable for the next 10 years...
 I hope you all enjoy!

1. True woods clothing
 Made in Germany they have a very traditional style which I love. Think American cabin dweller meets British horse rider... More on the pricey side they are 100% organic cotton and they plant a tree for every item sold! Also there is a page on their website about local production but I cant seem to see any content...

2. Harris Rae
 Made in Great Britain they may not advertise as slow fashion but I do love to support a British Brand. They create very classic country clothing that will last you through many seasons to come, one of my faves are pictured below.

3. Ivy and Rigg
A fairly new clothing company they promote their recycled t-shirts and sweats positioning themselves a slow fashion brand. They do some good basics and are reasonably priced!
4. Peregrine

Also made in Britain I included this brand as they create a lot of timeless pieces. They have some pretty snug roll necks too if you are looking for one to see you through till spring.

5. Whale of a time clothing
I first fell in love with this brad quite a while ago and I love their preppy nortical style. It wasn't till recently though that I noticed they are now positioning themselves as a slow fashion brand with recycled and organic fabrics.

6. Patagonia
Need I sat more? Outdoorsy, loved by millions I will never get over their black Friday don't buy this jacket campaign it was marketing gold.

7. Highborn and Hardwicke
 Stunning clothes and I am pleased to see more and more 'country' brands positioning themselves as slow fashion. In my mind it only makes sense...  organic, recycled and fair trade what more do you need. All the t-shirts, basic polo's, sweatshirts and hoodies are organic or recycled.

8. Two Thirds
I've gone on and on about them but I thought I would bring it up again. So here they are. I like that they make very small runs of designs and many of them are made in Portugal to order.

The ordinary - Cruelty free review

Last on the bandwagon as usual! I haven't written much about being cruelty-free at the moment but that is just because I got a bit sick of it all. I never stopped it but I think you just get tired of talking about the same thing over and over. However, I have been much more enthused over the last week and have quite a few Cruelty-free products I want to share with you all!

Anyway, I finally got round to trying out some stuff from The ordinary that I have wanted to try for years. I decided to try the Retinol 1% and the Hyaluronic Acid and this is what I thought:

Firstly I have tried many different Hyaluronic Acids in the past and this is definitely the cheapest I have ever bought. The formula is very thick and since I bought it I have been using it morning and night. TBF it is cheap, but as a formula I am not overly impressed with it. It doesn't sit well under my make up so I can't wear it in the morning and I haven't noticed much of a difference in my skin compared to my last serum the Active naturals one I have spoke bout before. This one contains B5 which I like and I understand the appeal but would not buy again.

Retinol I have never tried before and I tried the 1% in Squalane. This one... the jury is still out on but I think although I like the light formula I still can't see much of a difference to my skin. I tried this after my HA and I was a bit more impressed with the results than using either of them on their own so you may want to buy a couple of things together. I know that is more of the idea with the ordinary but it does make the price go up quite a bit and I think I may just stick to m old ones from Amazon.

Top tip* I bought both full from Depop for less as I wanted to try them out! If you are not sure this is a good potion to get them for less!

My experience having my eyebrows microbladed - Microblading Review

The beauty world is now obsessed with eyebrows with the UK now spending well over £20 million a year on brow products (£20 million in sales was hit in 2015).

Although I've admired this obsession with thick brows from afar I hate to say that all the brow products I've bough have ended up being unused. Regardless of what I buy I have always found drawing on my brows very difficult and getting them even impossible.

This is where Microblading came in. I never really understood what it was at first and often mistook it for HD Brows. After years of having shit eyebrows I decided to do some investigation and see if there was anything out there suitable for me. HD Brows were too expensive and as a forgetful person I new upkeep would be a nightmare. I decided to try Microblading and looked for somewhere near to where I lived and follow them on IG so I could see their past work.

It wasn't long before I had booked in and had my first consultation. I was informed it would take two appointments both which would last approx 3 hr.

On the day of my first appointment I was pretty nervous as I knew it would be painful as the process involves tattooing the top layers of your skin. This is done by slicing the skin to represent hair strokes (with a small curved blade) and then having the ink rubbed in to the area.

The first hour or so involved having my scull measured and and my eyebrows drawn on symmetrically how they should be to compliment my face shape. After this my eyebrows were plucked to make way for my new hairs, this process differs for different people as obviously you try to retain as much hair as possible. 

Then the process of making the slices starts and my god it is painful. You get numbing cream and gel but I still had to have a rest half way through and sneezed about 6 times. It basically feels like having a tattoo on your face. The lady doing my brows was fairly quick to minimize my pain and all in all its painful for about 30 mins. 

The last step in the process was rubbing the ink in with a bespoke pigment to match your skin tone .. which also hurt a lot...

Afterwards I was given a care kit which had shampoo and papanthem to help the healing process. You are advised to not get them wet for a while which I found quite hard and refrain from touching them.

I know some people found the healing process not very nice but I didn't mind too much and I felt that after two days mine healed quite well. I didn't get much of a milk skin and although I was initially shocked and how heavy and block-y they looked this goes after two days.

The second appointment is just to go over anything that has faded. Mine did a fair bit as I have oily skin, which is good for healing but not good for retaining pigment. It hurt slightly less the second time and was over quicker which was good.

Over all I was  happy with the result and I think I will keep it up. It lasts for two years but it is recommended that you have a touch up after 1 year which I will have. 

I would defiantly recommend this process to anyone who wants low maintenance well groomed natural looking brows. 

Let me know if you have any more questions in the comments!

Natural and cruelty free hair care essentials that are under £5.00!!

One of the things I cant abide is damaged hair. Its awful to admit but its one of the first things I look at and when my hairs not looking healthy it really bothers me. Since I began my Cruelty-free and green beauty journey one of the most important things for me was finding natural hair care that really works. Obviously I want the products to be cruelty free palm oil free, without silicone and parabens… but I also want products that really work. Generally I find most things quite disappointing, the last hair product that actually really impressed me was a small glass bottle of pure argon oil I bought from a perfume shop in Marrakesh.

Products I pick up from boots are generally very low quality and irritate my scalp.. I also find that most products either strip your hair of all oils and softness making it dry or coat it in a strange coating (a la Treseme). Also, so many products contain dangerous toxic chemicals I don’t know why on earth I should even pay for them. As my old hairdresser once said ‘you are a peacock and your hair is the feathers’ take care of it. Although I despise L'Oreal, believe them when they say your hair is worth it. 

OK, rant over I just wanted to share some of my top hair care products that I have been using this year (one of the worst hair years of my life). All of these products are under £5.00 and are very easy to get hold of and personally I think they are great value for money.

1. Coconut oil

Amazing for hair skin and nails I literally can't live with out this! Really soothing and gentle if you are sensitive like me and it can be bought from your local supermarket for under £5.00. Generally I  would go for an organic one if possible but if not there are plenty of others out their. The only thing I would say is make sure it is 100% coconut oil on the back and doesn't contain anything else that might irritate your skin.

2. Lee Stafford Coco loco

This is my favourite Cruelty-free hair protection spray as it is the only one that seems to work and also not cost £30.00. Works well and smells good but some ingredients are questionable. 

3. Shampoo

If you follow my blog you will have seen my struggles with a sore scalp and I actually think I'm narrowing in on one of the issues. I switched to Lush shampoo bars when they came out to cut down on plastics but even they have lots of natural ingredients I still had scalp issues. I then found out many of them have SLS in them which CAN be a skin irritant. After I used my last lot of Lush shampoos I decided to look for something without SLS in it to see if that was the problem. I found these two in from the organic shop in Tesco oddly enough and was pleasantly surprised. They have natural and organic ingredients and also don't contain any SLS. It has slightly helped cutting this out and I am fairly happy with the results even though it is slightly drying on my ends. You can pick up both shampoo and conditioner for £4.00 (so you don't have to break the bank to be a little more ethical :)) They are also cruelty-free, many products are vegan and they carry the Soil Association Natural Certification. 

4. Scalp massage

I think these are so loved yet how many people actually have one? They feel amazing and help stimulate hair growth and blood flow to the scalp. Also these can help with a sore head if like me you have hick hair that is up all day this really helps!

Obviously nothing can make up for bad diet(.. which I am really struggling with at the moment) but good products are important too! I hope you enjoyed my little list and please comment below if you have any other good ones you would like to share!

The snuggly jumpers that are perfect for A/W18 - Ethical slow fashion edit

Brr there is a chill in the air! Best snuggle up in some cosy jumpers quick! Here are my pics for some of my favorite winter jumper brands with some of my top pics for this season for every wardrobe! Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

People tree



Two thirds

A/W 18 fashion trends I'm loving - Slow fashion edit

This autumn I have been pleasantly surprised at a lot of the trends I have seen strutting down the catwalk. Although since starting my blog I have excluded myself from the fashion industry, there was a time when I would skip lunch and use my lunch money to buy fags and Vogue.

This Autumn and Winter however, I have welcomed the return of many A/W staples that I can easily fit into my slow fashion narrative. The best I have seen so far this season has been from MAX MARA and FENDI who's collections this year are stunning.

There has been a huge focus on leather, animal print, checks and tweed this season from a multitude of designers. The reason I have been so happy to see these back on the catwalk is aside from being this seasons trends, they are also staples. Checks and tweed (especially tweed) make up a large portion of my wardrobe and I'm sure I am not alone. A staple of the classic British wardrobe, tweed and checks are so timeless there is a good chance your tweed jacket will outlast you.

I love that leather and cheetah print are in this season as well with MAX MARA sporting head to toe cheetah print. I also am loving these trends as they are all something that most people will already have in their wardrobe. I always like it when things come back into fashion and you can pull them out from under the bed and give them new life!

For me I will be pulling out my statement scarf, leopard print, anything leather and tweed I can find. I have also had a few wardrobe updates but you will all have to wait to see those in my next post... Sometimes it's not about getting something new to update your wardrobe you can just revamp and reuse old classics!

Riverford Organics - Organic veg box review

As you all know I have been trying to eat more seasonal food this year. Local, fresh, better for me and the environment eating British has been something I've really been trying to do. 
Especially considering the political situation, I don't think there is any better time to support our local farms. However... finding fresh local food is tricky and if you don't want to trail around the supermarket or drive 15 miles to a farm shop it can be daunting. That seems to be the main motivation behind local veg box sachems. Easy, quick, healthy and seasonal produce delivered straight to your door! 

I decided to try one and did some local research on what was available in the area. I was pleasantly surprised to see at least 6-7 different companies offering this service however, none of them seemed to be as transparent or organic as I wanted. 

This is why when I eventually found Riverford I was so happy; although they are based in Devon they were exactly what I wanted. Everything is organic and most of it is grown in the UK and if it isn't it will say where it is from. The biggest thing for me was to get one that was seasonal with veggies that are grown in the UK and organic something the others didn't seem to be able to deliver on. 

This week by box had:

  • Potatoes UK
  • Onions UK
  • Carrots UK
  • Calabrese broccoli UK
  • Savoy cabbage UK
  • Swiss chard UK
  • Mixed salad leaves UK

All for £11.45 including delivery which I think is pretty good for organic veg and the amount I got will last me more than a week I think!

I am super excited to have had my box delivered (they deliver anywhere) and I hope it will encourage me to get back in the kitchen cooking tasty healthy food. I'm hoping to share some seasonal recipes with you all this month so keep an eye out for that!

Top ten things I'm looking forward to this Autumn!

1. The cold weather

So apparently some people liked that sweltering heat ha ha but I don't think I'm the only one who is excited for the weather to turn cold again. Cold mornings with fog and crunchy leaves are the best and personally, I can't wait to be bundled up in a big snugly jumper with a hot cup of coffee.

2. Winter walks in the country

Definatly something to look forward too! There is nothing more beautiful than the British countryside and I cant wait to go out exploring this year. My chosen spots I would like to explore this A/W is possibly climb Cader Idris, The Wrekin and Delmere Forest. 

(Let me know in the comments where you are hoping to explore!)

3. The social acceptability of the gingerbread latte...

Yes, they are basic. Yes they are delicious. But I don't feel like they are a treat that can be justified year round. They are also quite expensive, so if like me you are addicted to coffee then maybe try a syrup in a travel cup from home? A fraction of the price but still as tasty.

4. Halloween

Apple bobing scary movie and dressing up! What is not to love? Even if you have no plans this year it can still be really fun to get some spooky treats and just stay in!

5. Pumpkins

I feel like pumpkins are very underrated in this country and I feel like this need to be rectified! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin curry and pumpkin soup are all delicious! I'm hoping to find an amazing gluten and dairy free pumpkin pie recipe before Halloween comes around :)

6. Bonfire night

Literally one of my favorite celebrations! I don't think this is celebrated anywhere else in the world but it is one of the many reasons I love living here. I don't know what it is and it sounds odd but I really like the feeling of everyone eating nice food and gathering around a bonfire together, sparklers at the ready. 

7. Autumn Fashion

Move over summer nonsense the time of the oversize jumper, boots and fur coats has come. I am also loving the trends for this A/W that have been all over the Fendi and the like have actually been very inspiring. I also have enjoyed the plethora of tweed, checks, leather and leopard print on the catwalk mainly as they are so timeless and easy to reuse and re-wear they are worth the investment.

8. Eating Game

Defiantly not for the vegan or veggie among you all but being able to have easy access to good quality meat is one of the best things about the winter months. There is something very nostalgic and homely about it; whilst also serving of a stark reminder of our culture where we come from and who we are. People have eaten game in this country for thousands of years and until very very recently was the meat that most people ate. If you agree with hunting or not I think that their is a big problem with people not being connected or acknowledging the life of the animals we eat.

9. Parkin

Literally the best cake ever. Gooey, sticky, spicy. I haven't found a recipe yet for a gluten and dairy free one but if I do I will defiantly share it with you all!

10. Christmas Markets

Christmas is one of the most important times of year and I think Christmas markets are a wonderful celebration of that. I love all the food and drink and the lights especially after it has been such a long hard year for so many of us. I can't wait to go this year and drink mulled wine in the street... maybe even find a gluten free mince pie if I'm lucky!

Share below what you are looking forward to big or small that will make this Autumn special!

Summer Lush Haul!

Check out my summer Lush Haul!

Corruption in the timber industry in Eastern Europe (Why you shouldn't buy from Ikea)

Earthsight recently published a report on corruption in the European timber industry and the purchasing of illegal timber from Ukraine by Europe. The report focused on the illegal logging happening in the ecologically important and sensitive regions that support some of our continents most endangered wildlife.
Earthsight spent two years investigating how illegal logging in the region was fueling corruption throughout Eastern Europe and corruption within Ukraine itself. The EU purchased 1 billion Euros of timber in 2017 from the region which represents 70% of all the illegal timber that is harvested. Of that, 40% of the timber from the region is illegal and was harvested in ecologically sensitive areas. Ukraine is the largest single supplier of such high-risk wood to the EU, exceeding all of the tropical countries of Latin America, Africa, and SE Asia combined.

The report pointed out sadly that this was commonplace and was occurring without much protest or intervention by the EU to uphold the EUTR of 2013. They also found that most of this wood was FSC certified despite being harvested illegally. Earthsight commented that this was prevalent due to the lack of due diligence by the FSC and timber companies who were not checking where their wood comes from or performing any independent audits.
This story is similar to others across the continent where issues with illegal logging and irresponsible timber harvesting practises are prevalent.
Romania, for example, is one of the largest areas of primeval forests that are left in Europe with 200,000 hectors of vegan forests still remaining in the Carpathians. This is a very important area biologically and ecologically not just because it is one of the last strongholds of European wolf's bears and lynx but also for the important microflora and fauna in the soils of the region. Europe is subject to large areas of soil erosion and degradation due to deforestation and agricultural practises.
However, this important region is now being commercially logged with little to no opposition from the government or EU.

This story was also repeated recently in Poland who has been logging in the ancient Bialwieza forest regardless of it being deemed illegal by the EU and being a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the last remaining strongholds of European Bison.

All of this timber is then going into our furniture, paper, and packaging; Earthsight called out Homebase HP, Staples and Ikea for their part in purchasing this illegal timber.. As a customer the best thing you can do is tweet these companies and boycott them... money talks. 

Although there has been an increase in right-wing parties and nationalism in Eastern Europe, that should not jeopardize the preservation of the natural world, environmentalism should be excluded from politics. Our landscape nature and environment is part of our cultural heritage and this should be protected regardless of the political situation. 

Here in the UK we have extreme issues with deforestation which are largely ignored. We currently only have 13% forest cover resulting in high levels of air pollution soil erosion, less productive arable land and most of all issues with flooding. Supporting woodland charities here like the Woodland Trust RSPB, Trees for Cities, Grown in Britain etc. should be a priority; as well as putting pressure on the Government. 

Eco tourism! Escape from the world at Ty Cariad

The rise in popularity of Eco tourism seems to have gone hand in hand with globalization. Now, when looking for a holiday what do people look for? For me peace and quiet and being surrounded by the countryside are the most important.

I have written in a blog post a while ago about how to travel in a more Eco friendly way, one which doesn't put so much strain on the environment; one of the most important things I mentioned on that list was using Airbnb instead of staying in hotels. This keeps money in the local economy and supports local people. You can also find some real gems which is what we found in West Wales (the best country in the world.)

Ty Cariad is tucked away down country lanes about a 10 minuet drive from the beach and cardigan town. 

Made entirely from hardwood this wooden cabin is everything a country cabin should be; equipped with log burner and wooden porch. 

The cabin is entirely hand made and built in a Eco friendly way, fully equipped with compost toilet and outdoor bath.

Although we visited in summer the lovely thing is, is I can imagine it being just as nice in Winter too.

The surroundings are peaceful as it is completely tucked away from shops and roads though you may have to put up with the odd bleating of a sheep. 

If you are looking for a get away, to clear your head and enjoy the countryside this may be the place for you. Ty Cariad (Love Shack) is also pet friendly so feel free to bring your furry friends on holiday there too! Everyone needs to switch off, everyone needs to relax and get away from time to time and I think this is the perfect place to do that.

Depop haul! Sustainable fashion edit

Hello! I did promise a recent Depop haul of what I've been updating my wardrobe with so here it is! I've been looking more at building a cohesive wardrobe, something that makes it easy to put outfits together and will update my look. This is the first of many of my Depop hauls adding in basics to my wardrobe but look out for the next one which will be on building it up with staple pieces and finding my style!

Green Eco Box - Green Beauty box review

Now, as it is 2018 most of us have dabbled in the world of beauty boxes and as the ethical and cruelty-free market has expanded, there has been plenty of options for vegan/cruelty-free consumers. However, some still leave much to be desired in the way of ethical consumerism; even cruelty-free boxes come in plastic packaging and aside from the cruelty-free aspect are not much different from other beauty boxes out there.

That being said, I was pleasantly surprised when I received my beauty box from Green Eco Box as the sheer attention to detail and consideration put into its creation. When you first open the box, the first thing you see is some pretty standard pieces of paper detailing what is inside. I was pleasantly surprised, however, to see the first thing to catch my eye (detailing what the charity box supports) was actually made from seed paper! I have heard about this a few times but I've never actually seen it for myself and think its such a sweet idea! I will have to find a spot to plant it! You also receive a one tree planted certificate, which I also think is a nice concept.

From every box sold 3 euros go to the WWF and a tree is planted with each purchase. The thinking behind the box, is that you can discover artisans boutique style beauty products, while also doing some good for the environment which I think is great!

In the box, there are four large products and then some bits and bobs like organic teas and choccy. The first product that caught my eye was a soap by Dessine -moi-un-savon, mainly due to the bold packaging. I read in the pamphlet that comes with the box that this is a vegan, palm oil free soap without and nasty parables silicons etc. The smell is really strong on this and it smells like a strong soapy smell if that makes sense... I think I will use it but the smell was a bit too strong and soapy for me!

The next thing I pulled out was a shampoo bar by Savonnerire Aubergine, which I was very happy about as I have been really disappointed with the last one I got from Lush. I tried this one straight away and it was quite nice on my hair. It cleans well and there is no scent but the main thing for me is that the ingredients are all natural which is perfect for me! This left my hair beautifully clean! 

I have also already tried the Jung and Schon cleansing milk. This is by far my favourite product and is really nice on my skin. I have very combination skin so finding a cleanser of any sort, that is soft enough without being drying is quite hard; but I was really happy with this is kept my face really smooth.

The last beauty product is a bath melt by Autour du Bain and I can't wait to use it as soon as I can find a bath, as I don't think my frogs would appreciate me using it in the pond! It smells really strongly of cranberry's which I love, and has beautiful natural ingredients too!

All in all, I love the concept of the box and that they support small artisan brands. It is so clear that a lot of thought has gone into every aspect of its creation and that they are really passionate about the environment which I love. However, I do think the guide is difficult to read and it is on the pricier end of subscription boxes. But that being said you don't have to get one every month and they can make a really nice gift for the vegan/environmentalist in your life that leaves you feeling perplexed at every celebration. It is s easy to make meaningless purchases and buy into an idea that we need products that we just don't, it is wonderful to see brands taking responsibility to be conscious and help all of us engage with what we are buying.

My top 21 Green beauty brands - cruelty free, vegan and organic beauty!

As I am slowly making the transition from cruelty free beauty to green beauty I've been a lot more focused on ingredients and much smaller brands. If like me you are getting more involved in the world of green beauty, I'm sure you will appreciate my list of green beauty brands!

1. 100% Pure

One of the most popular natural beauty brands they are known for their use of fruit and vegetable dyes as pigments. Slightly expensive and difficult to get in the UK as far as I know, but they are a  really good quality vegan and cruelty free brand.

2. Inika

An Australian brand they are classy and aimed a higher end consumer which is slightly reflected in their price tag. Organic vegan and cruelty free they are best known for their mascara and I have loved every product I've tried of theirs.

3. Dr Hauschka

They are a classic old timer green beauty brand they have been around for donkeys years and are well respected! Their branding and packaging has got a bit better in recent years and they make a beautiful range of products. Their lip liners are the best natural ones I've tried!

4. Red apple lipstick

Made in the USA, these lipsticks are really popular due to their stunning pigments and cruelty free and vegan status. They are also free from allergens and irritants. 

5. Lavera

More on the cheap and cheerful end of the green beauty spectrum they make organic products without synthetics that are cruelty free. I'm not sure if everything is vegan, but they are a great brand to start your green beauty journey with as I did! Based in Germany they are a global brand and fairly cheap in the green beauty world with mascara that will set you back only  £12.00.

6. Lush

I've not tried much make up from Lush but I feel like they have gone down hill in may ways recently. However, they are expanding their make up range and can be found on many high streets. Cruelty free and some vegan but they do use things like SLS so I would check the label.

7. Lilly Lolo

A British brand they are easy to get hold of and fairly well known. Vegan and cruelty free they are also very reasonably priced!

8. PHB Beauty

PHB Beauty are quite a small but longstanding British beauty company who are family run. They operate ethical business practises and create beautiful vegan natural and cruelty free make up. 

9. Pacifica

Pacifica are quite big and popular in the green beauty community; originally from the USA you can get hold of it easily in most country's. They are natural vegan and cruelty free aimed more at younger women, with a mid range price tag. 

10. Ere Perez

Beautiful minimalist branding which I wish they would do more with, they are cruelty free with some amazing ingredients and some of the best eye pallets on the market! 

11. RMS

Longstanding and a bit more pricey RMS were created by Rosie Marie Swift and are organic. 

12. Joik

Beautiful products, they are cruelty free and mainly vegan, but as with all of these I would check each product.

13. Neek

Organic and cruelty free brand that are from Australia.

14. Lippy girl

More of a punky cruelty free and green beauty brand, they use some brill organic and vegan ingredients but have a much wider range of colors than others on this list! Use code FIRSTTIME to get 10% off

15. Odylique

Aimed at a more middle aged customer, they are very pure and organic, mainly focusing on beauty not just make up ...

16. Yverum

Some products, but they do refillable containers yey! Originally from Germany they are cruelty free..their logo does look like a vagina though... ha ha.

17. Living Nature

Natural and organic products mainly lipsticks, they are free from synthetics and made in New Zeland!

18. Anitpodes

Natural and cruelty free, their products are not vegan but they are organic. Difficult to get hold of depending on where you are.

19. Mirror and make up

Yey another British brand! They use natural products and are quite well priced for green beauty!

20. Benecos

Natural organic ad doesn't break the bank! Branding could be better and I wish they were refillable! More aimed at millennial I would say..

21. Hiro

One of the best are last! Excellent branding and refillable pallets! They are also natural vegan cruelty-free non GMO =excellent.

For a long time I have had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to transition to 'green' make up. Although I've been buying exclusively cruelty-free products for a while it still concerns me how the chemicals in make up effect my skin. This is why I've been buying products from the companies above in an effort to protect and take care of my skin and my health

Lush empties... would I buy them again? Cruelty free beauty review

Yes, this is slightly lazy blogging but I want to have more interesting, interactive and creative content on here.. mainly to keep motivation as I'm not always keen on writing posts. Mainly this is due to my dyslexia but it is also just wanting to expand on content and be able to do posts and content that would work well as a video but not a blog post! No I'm not making the YouTube transition I'm just diversifying so don't worry!

Love Lula cruelty-free and organic beauty box un-boxing

Sometimes there is only one way to do an un-boxing! Thought I would share my newest Love Lula box with you all and give a little review. I've tried so many cruelty free brands over the past year so good some bad and some ugly! I think part of the fun of going cruelty-free or making another lifestyle change is that you experiment and discover new things; to me that's what makes these boxes fun and so appealing.. hope you enjoy!

My fashion love story - Ethical Fashion

This story is one that started on a dreary day in Yorkshire in 2011, while I was on the phone to the Joules warehouse somewhere down South explaining to them why I needed the toad tweed blazer. It had sold out online and in all the local Joules shops nearby; but I wasn’t giving up that easily.

Three days later I was layering my new piece of tweed over multiple shirts and scooping my hair up into a mess on my head in true Elfie style. I’ve never been one for trends or fashionable pieces; most of my style inspiration comes from either the French on the continent, traditional British clothing or mad wild and crazy vintage designer pieces that I dug out of a thrift shop. I feel like these three styles are probably quite accurate representations of my personality.

Seven years later, my love story with this jacket continues. Although I don’t wear it as much as I would like it is still one of my favorite pieces to wear and I can’t think of an unsuitable occasion to wear it. I wear it with jeans dresses or skirts, or even sling it on over trackies and pretend I’m a dwarf version of a jack wills model.

Although Joules is not an ethical fashion company or a slow fashion company by any means, I think purchases like this are the essence of slow fashion. A classic piece that is well made, beautiful, and lasts forever. I have worn this for the last seven years and if I am alive I will wear it for the next seventy!

I think it is a real shame that more people in Britain today don’t wear and support our beautiful tweed clothing industry; especially given the state of our wool trade! More designers should defiantly be utilizing classic British fabrics and designs. This would also provide a much-needed boost for the wool economy and farmers who are losing money on their wool!