Cruelty-free handbag essentials to take to work

When I go to work there are somethings I have to have in my bag! These are my work bag essentials I can't live without, all cruelty-free of course! Now I know I have gone on before about the Lush Charity Pot but I'm going to again as this sample never leaves my bag! I think it's a perfect size to put in your hand bag and can fit into the smallest clutch. I like to take it to work as the air con in the office drys out my hands and I often get dry skin on my palms. Also if you handle a lot of paper this can be an issue, I'm not sure why more work places aren't paperless but hey ho!
The next two essentials for my work bag are the small Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss by Soap and Glory which is a must for any meeting ha ha. As it is the half size it fits perfectly in my bag along with all my other bits and bobs; I do sometimes however find that it is easily lost in some big bags but that is probably my fault for having too many things in my handbag. My last item is the Soap and Glory Handmaid sanitising gel. This is perfect for rubbing on your hands before lunch to keep those bugs away in crowded offices. I don't use it that much but if there is something going around I get it out very quickly. 

10 Ways to limit the impact of travelling on the environment

Vegans, environmentalists and activists. We all often skip over one issue, the effect of travelling on the environment and the places we visit. Travelling the world is a luxury that not everyone can afford, and involves a huge expense not only to ourselves but the environment also. Flights, resorts that have destroyed local ecosystems and cultures and an endless stream of takeaway coffee cups and Primark bikinis.
The issues surrounding the environmental impact of travelling the world bothers me personally quite a lot.  
So how do we minimise our impact? After my holidays this year, I started to wonder, as I incorporate my values into other everyday activities, how could I do that when I go abroad? Here is my list of the 10 ways I try and minimise my impact on the environment and ecosystems when I travel:

1. Choose travelling boat or train over the plane. Flying requires a lot of fuel and energy, travelling by boat or plane is a lot more energy efficient and sometimes you can stop at different destinations on the way.

2. Choose short haul flights over long haul.

3. Fly with only hand luggage, the more weight the plane carries the more fuel is needed to keep it in the air.

4. Swap resorts for Air BnB villas, this keeps money in the local economy and you often get a more unique experience.

5.Stay in eco hotels and visit the countries ecotourism locations. This promotes a more sustainable tourism for this country.

6. Bring plastic bags and your own coffee cups, and be mindful of your waste on holiday.

7. Choose a cycling holiday or a walking holiday in your home country.

8. Avoid over-consumption of things you don't need for holiday, you don't need new holiday clothes for each holiday just have good quality staples.
9. Be mindful of local issues such as the trade in animals, many people go on holiday and get pictures with sedated tigers and monkeys and elephants in chains. By paying for these you are supporting the capture and abuse of these animals, do your research on animal sanctuaries and stay away from photos with sedated animals.

10. Avoid eating endangered animals abroad e.g. shark or low-quality meat and dairy. I don't think I have to say why.
These are just some of the ways I have been limiting my impact while travelling; using Air BnB has been a very different but rewarding experiance and I would recommend it to everyone for a more personal holiday experience. 

Lush cruelty free and vegan beauty haul

OK. So I went a little crazy in Lush. There was just so many new things I needed and as I was passing it seemed like a good idea. Everyone loves a good Lush haul so I thought I would share some of the new products I picked up that I'm now obsessed with.
1. American Cream
This was the first Lush conditioner I ever tried and after a brief affair with Retread, I decided to go back to American cream. It has an artificial sweet honey and strawberry scent which is quite strong but I love it. It also contains orange juice for shiny hair, and apparently acco4ding to the website it contains benzoin resinoid which is anti-inflammatory. I thought this was interesting as I'm all about anti-inflammatory things, but I haven't really noticed a more soothed scalp. I like this more for the smoothing effect it has on my hair and the delicious smell. It is quite expensive in comparison to other brands on the high-street but I accept that you just have to pay more for a better product with better ingredients. 

2. Angels on Bare Skin
I have said before how much I love Herbalism, but I have to admit this is better. Made with ground almonds lavender and rose. It doesn't smell the best, as  I'm not a big lavender person but it makes my skin feel amazing! It's really softening and makes my skin feel exfoliated without feeling dry and stretched, I think it's the almonds that make it so good. This is slightly more expensive than herbalism so it isn't cheap, around £7.75 for 100g of face exfoliant is quite pricey. One thing that I will mention however if you are trying to decide if this is worth it or not, the fact that it uses ground almonds instead of microbeads is a huge plus. There is so much plastic pollution around these days, in the oceans and in our own homes trying to minimise the plastics you bring into the house are really important.
3. Sleepy
OK, so I know I said I didn't like lavender but I had to try this. It is literally my new obsession and it may even replace the Charity pot as my new favourite moisturiser. It is made with cocoa butter mixed with lavender, oatmeal and tonka. It has such a wonderful rich deep smell at the same time as being floral the smell confuses and delights my nose! If you're new to Lush products this may be a good product to try.

4. Dirty
I decided to try a new lush shaving cream, and this one was the only one I liked the smell of. It's made from oat milk, shea butter and safflower oil to help keep the skin smooth and minimise irritation. I have to say I wasn't that impressed with this. It is very thick and doesn't leave any irritation; however, it is quite greasy and seems to leave an oily residue on the skin. It might be better for facial shaving or shaving a delicate area, my legs were left a little greasy from this. It wasn't too bad but I wouldn't repurchase.

5. Baby Bot Bot
This little lavender bath bomb caught my eye at the till but I didn't realise it was for children! It is filled with aromatherapy oils and I really enjoyed using it; not the flashiest of lush bath bombs but worth the £1.95 for a relaxing treat.

6. Mallow melt
I have never used a bath melt, I'm still not too sure what one is but it smelt really good. Very sweet and rich I'm not sure what it really did other than turn my bath water pink and make a mess but I enjoyed it getting in! 
I hope you all enjoyed my basic Lush haul! Let me know what you have all been enjoying or what you wouldn't buy again. I love using more natural beauty products like these and some other brands too, it's a sort of side effect of cruelty-free you start to really think about what you are putting on your skin and using in the home. The skin is the bodies biggest organ and I personally am beginning to be really thoughtful about what I'm putting on it. 

My August favorites - Thrifted and cruelty-free

August this year has gone by so quickly, I have barely had time to blog with work and home commitments mounting up! But I always have time to share a cheeky favourites and share some of the things I have been loving this month.
My skin has been really bad this month, with break-outs all over, so I've been avoiding wearing makeup. Two beauty products I have really enjoyed however, are the Barry M cuticle oil and the Lush Bubbly shower gel. I have been so impressed with the Barry M cuticle oil, made with coconut oil, marula oil and vitamin E it has been a life saver for my nails. I hate having bad cuticles, but usually I just rub some coconut oil into them and have never really tried a proper cuticle oil. I love using the applicator it's a lot less messy than coconut oil and smells really warm and sweet. The Lush Bubbly shower gel, was an unexpected favourite as I usually shy away from orange smells. It has a strong orange and sweet grape scent and is very bubbly  lathering up in seconds! Although I wouldn't usually pick this it has become a firm favourite and I love using it in the morning to wake me up.
I have been thrift and vintage shopping a lot this month, and have found some really nice things that I can put into my wardrobe. I recently had a clear out and am trying to change my style to be a bit more coherent and learn how to put outfits together better. So, when I go thrifting I usually only get things that would fit well with my new style. I found these never worn DP black suede heels for £2 in Shropshire Cat rescue perfect for work. I also liked them because they are quite a classic style, and I can easily wear them in the office out for a meal or for cocktails.
 The last thing on my favourites list is this scarf that was gifted to me from one of my friends. It's a silky multi-coloured one and I have been loving wearing it to work round my neck over a white shirt. One woman's trash is another woman's treasure!