Some of the best cruelty free highstreet beauty products review/haul

These are some of my favourite cruelty-free beauty products on the high-street that I wanted to share with you all to show just how many options there are. Let me know of any cruelty-free high street favourites you have and what beauty products you have been loving!

Firstly I picked up a few random little lip products they are all pretty cheap and not all of them are amazing, but I love them for different reasons. I bought two little lip balms one from Barry M and another from Flutter both in a pale peach as I haven't found a cruelty free lip balm yet. They were both ok, the Flutter one was really good value for money and only cost £1, it also smells really nice. The Barry M one is bigger but it costs more too at £4.99 and the smell isn't as strong, so I'm not too sure if I will be repurchasing. I also got a little Natural Collection lip gloss and a GOSH lip liner, both of which I love the GOSH lip liner is perfect for a night time look and it has a really good consistency.
Barry M is one of the most well-known brands on the high-street so I was happy to learn that they are also cruelty-free! They have such a good range of colours, but I fancied trying their Coconut Infusion nude which is infused with coconut oil! I always get such dry nails after applying polish that it often puts me off, so I'm hoping that this will be a bit gentler. The colour is beautiful and applies well and is true to colour.
I have recently researched quite a lot around deodorants and the effects of chemicals in deodorant on the body.  I decided to try a more natural version and this was one of the best I could find and it was from Tesco. It's a brand I haven't heard of before called Keep it Kind, which is for teenage girls, but it is cruelty-free with no aluminium parabens or alcohol. Since I have been trying this out I have really noticed a difference in less irritation under my arms. It's really gentle on skin and it offers a good amount of protection too I am defiantly a fan!
My last little favourite is this Lee Stafford coco loco heat protection mist, which smells amazing and is defiantly needed on hair like mine! This is one of the only cruelty-free choices of heat protection spray that I could find, but I am really happy with it.

These are just some of my little high street favourites, what are you favourite cruelty-free products on the high-street?

Soap nuts ? Do they work?

Soap nuts are a natural way of washing clothes that are kind to your skin and the environment! They have been used for thousands of years to clean and freshen clothes, and I thought I would give them a go as a natural alternative. I bought a sample from .... as I wasn't sure what to expect, I heard these can be used as a cheap laundry liquid but I wasn't sure how well they would clean my clothes.

I used half of my sample washing a load of laundry and it felt a little odd putting nuts in my wash!
I was pretty sceptical as the whole washing clothes with nuts thing sounded a little strange, and I was presuming after washing I would probably have to wash everything properly again. My wash is always on quick wash 30 degrees, so I didn't really feel that is enough time for nuts to clean dirty sweaty gym clothes and towels.

Honestly, I am impressed. I  thought this would be a gimmick that doesn't work but it really does! The clothes came out clean and smelled fine, not floral or perfumed but perfectly good, I was really happy with the results. I managed to reuse the soap nuts and have been using my sample since and am looking for a cheap way to buy more.

Would defiantly recommend!

Body power expo and an ethical fitness review/ Vegan protein

A few years ago if you asked me if I liked the gym and eating healthy I would have scoffed and said life is to be enjoyed. Now I am literally obsessed with health and fitness and spend most of my time at the gym.

I decided to go to Body Power in Birmingham this year and it was defiantly an experience! There were so many stalls, athletes and famous you tubers there it was super busy. I was also pleasantly surprised to see a number of really good vegan protein and natural food brands there too, Pulsin, Bodyme, Treck and the Vegan society to name a few, were all there.

As I am dairy and gluten free it was good to see so many mainstream brands offering vegan protein now! I chose one from a brand called Cute that I had never heard of, but I have to say it's the best vegan protein I have ever had! I got the chocolate flavour and it's very bendable with a more natural sweet taste!

One thing I would have really liked to see however, is more choice of organic/ethical active wear. People buy so much athletic/ gym clothes and new styles and trends are always coming out. When I recently found out about how the chemicals in non-organic fabrics can be absorbed through the skin I started to wonder why this is not more of a concern in gym clothes? Surely when you exercise and your pores are open this should be more of a concern?

There are some amazing organic/bamboo/hemp gym clothes our there and it would have been nice if there had been one or two at body power as its such a big event. This is something I will defiantly be incorporating into my gym bag, and thinking about in the future :) 

Liquid lipstick review/ Cruelty free beauty and make up

 I'm a massive fan of super matte liquid lipstick and these ones are probably the best-kept secret on the high-street. They are cruelty-free, amazing value and an excellent dupe for more expensive brands of liquid lipstick. Some people think going cruelty-free is difficult and expensive but it really isn't!
These super matte lipsticks are from New Look and are all cruelty-free! This is the shade stone and is quite dark and gothic. I wear it with a more simple look and it lasts pretty well unless you eat a meal then you will have to touch it up a little.
This is in the shade gingerbread and is one of my favourite nude lips to wear to work. It wears well and you don't need a liner at all, I also really like the packaging though I'm not sure how ethical it is.

What are your cruelty-free high street finds? :)

10 Reasons why I decided to switch to slow fashion

1. Fast fashion and keeping up with trends is EXPENSIVE!

2. The fashion industry has a huge impact on the environment, this can range from clearing animals habitats to grow cotton, the large quantities of water needed, the pollutants and dyes that are flushed back into rivers and the large amounts of waste generation.

3. Poor treatment of workers in fast fashion factories.

4. Supply chains have become grossly unequal with most of the profit going to the retailer.

5. The effect of putting fabric covered with pesticides and carcinogens on your skin (your bodies biggest organ).

6. Many large textile companies support bad systems of government and corruption in their host countries. This means that human rights, women's rights, issues regarding the environment and poverty will always be low on the agenda.

7. Quality over quantity! I would rather have one beautiful designer handbag than 10 cheap ones for the same price!

8. High-end garments and hand made garments may be more expensive but they will last longer.

9. Developing your own personal style won't happen if you always follow fashion trends.

10. My money and my purchase is a vote and I choose to spend it somewhere else....

On Wednesdays we wear pink! Cruelty free beauty review/ Lush haul

Brighten up your day with a little bit of pink and treat yourself to some me time! Wednesdays always drag for me, it's the middle of the week and it always seems like forever till the weekend. For me it's about having a long leg workout and then relaxing in a bath later, I'm not sure why it's just the routine I have been in!

Here are some of my favourite little pink Lush treats to help you get through those long weeks.
I am usually put off by the loose Lush products like the scrum bars and bath bombs, they are lovely but I just get frustrated that you only get one use out of them. I have however been pleasantly surprised with the candy cane roulade as it has lasted really well. I have been using it now for about a month and its still going! It's fresh and minty, made with soya milk and vegan!

My favourite shower gel that also doubles up as bubbles in my bubble bath quite well is the Lush rose jam shower gel. With lemon and rose oil, the scent is really fresh and enticing! It is fairly thick which I like as well, for some reason thin shower gels always annoy me (irrational I know!). If you love rose scents as much as I do this is a really lovely product and its vegan, however, it is quite pricey.
I love the Lush lip scrubs and if you have dry lips this is for you! Made with caster sugar and jojoba oil I always have trouble not eating it! I have used popcorn in the past but am now trying bubble-gum which is really strong. Can also double up as a vegan pudding.....

April Favourites/ Cruelty free make up and style

My favourites this month have been a mixture of beauty and fashion pieces. I just wanted to share with you all some of the cruelty-free beauty products I have been loving, along with my style finds.
Obviously top of my list will have to be the  Marlenha flourish moisturiser that I received in my Love Lula box. It's so thick and soft and makes my skin feel amazing! I can't wait to get my hands on a full size one, but it's defiantly an investment buy.

I have also been loving the Illamasqua nail varnish in Venous; I love Illamasqua and even though this is such a loud bright colour I have enjoyed experimenting this month. I have enjoyed using this colour this spring to go with some of my more floral outfits. It's quite a watery nail varnish which you wouldn't expect for the price, but you still get a good coverage with two coats.

My new LIBRA coat has to be one of my favourite ever purchases! As I have decided to move away from fast fashion, most of my days out shopping now consist of charity shops or vintage sales. This coat I found in a small vintage shop in the centre of Shrewsbury and fell in love with it straight away. The biggest problem I have found is that most vintage/ charity shop clothes are really big on me, but amazingly this fits! It's a soft material in dusky pink with a silky lining. When I saw this I knew it would be perfect for work, or a smart lunch outfit on the weekend. The clincher was the price £5!
This Illamasqua lip liner in Woo has to go in a favourite as I have worn it every day this month. Even though I'm not overly sure nude lips suit my complexion I'm obsessed. This applies so well and the colour is so perfect and neutral! I would say it's more of a daytime/work shade, I always find that if you go out for drinks or food with a nude lip you end up with an odd white line of foundation on the inside of your lip and the rest rubbing off.

This mini KIKO nail varnish is also making the favourites this month. It's the shade smart, and this has made the favourites as it has become one of my favourite nude varnishes this month. It's cruelty-free and very cheap, although I'm not sure it's the same quality as the Nailberry nude, it's an ok cheap alternative.

Hope you enjoyed my little April Favourites what products have you all been loving this month?